Cryptozoic DC Comics Super-Villains Puzzle Set Dazzles – Cryptozoic commissioned renowned artist Xermanico to create a six-card puzzle set featuring the Crime Syndicate of America. The puzzle set will be printed on standard cardstock as well as silver foil board, and a rare gold foil board. The gold parallel version will be numbered to 25.

The pictures below show various steps in the creation process including early pencil renderings, layout and design, color study and the final artwork. Cryptozoic DC Comics Super-Villains releases this quarter and delivers (1) Sketch Card, (16) Chase Inserts, (6) Silver Variants and (1) Box Topper in Every Box! The 63-card Base Set features comic art by some of the top artists in the industry and copy written by comics veteran Adam Beechen.

For more information, visit the product page.

xermanico-csa-1-layout xermanico-csa-2-color-study xermanico-csa-3-final

Cryptozoic DC Comics Super-Villains Puzzle Set Dazzles

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