Cryptozoic Revenge Season 1 Trading Cards captures the greatest moments from the first season of ABC’s Hit Series! Amanda Clarke, whose father was wronged by the socialite Grayson family, takes on the identity of Emily Thorne during a summer in the Hamptons with the intent of getting vengeance upon those that ruined her father. Known to upper society as Emily, Amanda seeks to destroy the Grayson family from the inside. Two chase sets feature a look behind the scenes and flashbacks of the characters in the series. Fans of the show can also look forward to Autograph Cards, Wardrobe Cards, & Sketch Cards!



This solicitation contains Preliminary Information Only*
* all product content is subject to change!

Configuration: 12 boxes/24 packs/5 cards
Albums: 10 albums per case


EVERY trading card BOX CONTAINS:

  • (1) Wardrobe Card
  • (2) Behind the Scenes
  • (2) Flashback

 Cryptozoic Revenge Season 1 Trading Cards Key FEATURES:

  • “Card Signed” Autograph Cards – (TBD) Per Box; Cryptozoic only includes autograph cards that were held & actually signed by the actor/actress; stickers are never used!
    • Update! Finalized Autograph list (all cards are in-house, all signers are confirmed):
      Ashley Madekwe as Ashley Davenport
      Nick Wechsler as Jack Porter
      Christa Allen as Charlotte Grayson
      Ashton Holmes as Tyler Barrol
      Max Martini as Frank Stevens
      James Morrison as Gordon Murphy
      James McCaffrey as Ryan Huntley
      James Tupper as David Clarke
      Amber Valletta as Lydia Davis
      Roger Bart as Mason Treadwell
      Veronica Cartwright as Judge Elizabeth Hawthorne
      Merrin Dungey as Barbara Snow
      Ed Corbin as Bull
      Margarita Levieva as Amanda Clarke
  • Wardrobe Cards – (1) Per Box; featuring fan-favorite costumes used during production
  • Sketch Cards – (TBD) Per Box; featuring actor likeness for the show’s stars!
  • Sketch Card Artists – Bob Stevlic, Brad Utterstrom, Brian Kong, Fer Galicia, Gabby Untermayerova, Gavin Hunt, Hayden Davis, J.D. Seeber, Lee Lightfoot,Marcia Dye,Mikey Babinski,Patricia Ross,Scott Houseman, Stephanie Swanger
  • Based on ABC’s hit show, with over 12 million viewers for the Season 2 Premier
  • Chase Sets include:
    • Behind the Scenes (2) Per Box
    • Flashback (2) Per Box
  •  (90) Card Base Set – featuring episodic images from the first season

* Autograph Policy Revisions (9/23/13) – Cryptozoic’s new policy is to announce a list of signers for each T/C set once they have signed contracts. In the rare event the signer is unable to fulfill their obligation, Cryptozoic will make it their very top priority to communicate this fact as soon as possible. Their policy remains that Redemption Cards will not be inserted for autograph signers who are not available by the pack-out deadline. Instead, Cryptozoic will work very hard to acquire & distribute the autograph cards sometime in the future. Keep in mind that until a signer is officially confirmed, it is possible that they will not be included in the product pack-out.

collector album:

  • Collector Album – Album includes (1) Exclusive Card

additional details & images:


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