Doing Retail Right: Top Store Owner Resources

Doing Retail Right: Top Store Owner Resources – At GTS Distribution our motto has always been, Great Teams Succeed. Coupled with that is our corporate philosophy which is, Partners in Success. These have been the driving principals of our company for many years and is reflected in our company’s mission statement.

To be the preferred distributor of everyone in the sports, games, toys and entertainment collectibles industry by providing cutting edge products and the best service.

Doing Retail Right: Top Store Owner ResourcesIt’s why we started this blog. To provide timely information about new products, in a multi-media format to help retailers make educated purchase decisions. We know there is a LOT of information coming at retailers these days. As a result, it can be very difficult to keep-up let alone digest.

Often times, all we can do as business people is file away nuggets of information away for a later date. Only then, can we explore and research them further, let alone potentially implement and execute.

With that said, welcome to another new feature of the blog; Doing Retail Right. There are an infinite number of resources available to retailers to help grow and manage their businesses. The problem, as always, is devoting the time to find and then read that information. While we are not retail experts by trade, we’ve been in business long enough to know what works and what doesn’t.

We also believe that every store, regardless of location, financial circumstances or hobby category, can grow and flourish. We are committed to helping our customers do just that; grow and flourish. Periodically, and we hope regularly and routinely, Doing Retail Right will provide you an idea potentially worth implementing at your own store.

It’s easy to think that because a business isn’t just like ours that there aren’t practical applications and lessons to be learned. In fact, sometimes thinking outside our own box can provide new insights and solutions.

To kick-off this new feature, we present a list of the top retail blogs for 2018. Why? Because we know that many of you will be interested in exploring these resources on your own. We also want to share with you where we will be cultivating information for this feature article in the future.

Doing Retail Right: Top Store Owner Resources

Independent Retailer – This well-know trade publication provides coverage on everything from marketing and management to taxes and technology. Retailers can also benefit from in-depth articles on topics like how to best use Instagram to promote your business to top 10 reasons to visit New York Toy Fair and 5 retail email marketing tips for collaborating between your digital and in-store experiences.

National Retail Federation – Covering a wide range of topics utilized by C-level executives, the NRF can also help small business owners by providing a wealth of data and research. Recent highlights include, a study on the holiday shopping habits of Gen Y vs Gen Z of those between the ages of 18 and 36 to help retailers understand what is motivating young shoppers during the 2017 holiday season and 5 myths about the weather’s impact on retail.

Retail Minded – Not only does this blog provide relevant evergreen content like 9 ways to increase foot traffic, 5 tips to strengthening your in-store merchandising or 3 ways to retain customers and increase sale but they also provide timely information related to legal issue that impact retailers as well.

Vend – As a retail management software company, they are aware of the challenges that retail businesses face, and that’s what its blog focuses on. From your customers’ biggest pet peeves about retail (and how to address them) to retail experiences that keep customers coming back, find timely topics and expert advice and step-by-step instructions for building and improving your company.

The Retail Doctor  Bob Phibbs, a.k.a the Retail Doctor, is the CEO of a prosperous retail consulting firm. This blog offers advice on sales-driven topics like getting your employees to upsell and how to get customers back in your store after a bout of inclement weather.

SnapRetail This blog offers marketing tips and advice for small businesses, with straightforward, useful information and actionable ideas for retailers, like using live video for your small business, how to use GIFs to enhance marketing communications and social media.


Doing Retail Right: Top Store Owner Resources