Dragon Ball Z Booster Movie Collection Booster Packs

The Dragon Ball Z Movie Collection introduces 142 brand-new cards to the revitalized DBZ Trading Card Game!

This booster-only set includes characters and scenes from the first four Dragon Ball Z feature filmsDead Zone, The World’s Strongest, Tree of Might and Lord Slug.

Find four new playable villain personalities: Garlic Jr. , Turles, Dr. Wheelo and Lord Slug!

Coinciding with this set’s release will be expanded DBZ organized play, with high-level Regional and World Championship events throughout the year.

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Configuration: 12 Boxes/24 Packs/12 Cards

Every Box includes:

  • 1 Rare card per pack
  • 8 Foil Parallels per box
  • 1 Ultra Rare every other box


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