AO Starter DeckForce of Will CCG: Starter Deck “AO” Description

In the world of Grimm, Alice repelled Blazer, the Eater of Dimensions, an invader from a different world. But Blazer was just an advance guard and Alice already knew the mastermind that had sent them. It was the person who had destroyed Alice’s hometown. Alice halted the enemy’s plans as she chased Blazer out of revenge and found herself within a different dimension of which became the new stage. It was the battle field where the seven kings had struggled for supremacy!

  •  – Two perfectly complete decks are within.
  •  – All cards are recreated for the Alice Cluster.
  •  – High reality cards have been newly reprinted as well.
  •   – Faria, the Sacred King
    •  –  Melgis, the Flame King

Configuration: 30 Sets Per Case / 2 Decks Per Set / 102 Cards Per Set
Release Date: July, 2015

Force of Will CCG: Starter Deck “AO” Content

  • A new type of card “The Sacred Treasures” appears! The battle of FOW becomes more dynamic! (Sacred Sword Excalibur, Magic Sword Laevateinn)
  • 2 Complete Decks: (1 Ruler, main deck (40 cards), Magic stone deck (10 cards) ) x 2
  • 2 play sheets, 2 manuals for beginners plus advanced rules
  • This contains a lottery! You may get a prize of an FOW BOX with a 1 in 99 chance!!

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