Force of Will CCG: Booster G3 “The Moon Priestess Returns”  Product Highlights
Configuration: 6 boxes / 36 decks / 10 cards

  • Continuation of the Grimm Cluster, Kaguya, the Immortal Princess, returns from the moon after finishing preparations to fight against the false god
  • Introducing a new element, manifestations, V Will, Moon Will, and new cards possessing multiple attributes
  • Introducing 4 new sets from Episode 3 of the Grimm Cluster (Episode 4 due for July 2015 release)
  • Now possible to make an entire deck combined of all the new and previous cards from the Grimm Cluster “Crimson Moon’s Fairy Tale” and “The Castle of Heaven and the Two Towers”
  • Two (2) playmats are also included in every carton. These are available for only First Printing!
  • The Official Tournament will start from March 6th 2015!
Force of Will CCG: Booster G3 “The Moon Priestess Returns”

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