Fringe Season 5 Premium Collection Checklist – Cryptozoic Entertainment initially had solicited this product in a typical pack-out configuration. A few months later they then cancelled the solicitation only to re-release it in the form of a premium set.

Every box of Fringe Season 5 Premium Collection Trading Cards, will include:

  • (1) Metal Glyph card
  • (2) Autograph cards
  • (4) Wardrobe cards

A pdf copy of the complete checklist is available here: Fringe Season 5 Checklist.

Metal Glyph Cards

G1 – Butterfly, ┬áLimited to 200
G2 – Hand, Limited to 100
G3 – Frog, Limited to 50
G3 – Seahorse, Limited to 25

Autograph Cards

A1 – Anna Torv as Olivia Dunham
A2 – Jasika Nicole as Astrid Farnsworth
A3 – John Noble as Dr. Walter Bishop
A4 – Michael Cerveris as September (The Observer)

Single Wardrobe Cards

M1 – Olivia Dunham, Limited to 200
M2 – Peter Bishop, Limited to 200
M3 – Walter Bishop, Limited to 100
M4 – Phillip Broyles, Limited to 100
M5 – Astrid Farnsworth, Limited to 100
M6 – Olivia Dunham, #’d to 50
M7 – Peter Bishop #’d to 50
M8 – Olivia Dunham #’d to 25
M9 – Peter Bishop, #’d to 25

Dual Wardrobe Cards

DM1 – Astrid Farnsworth, Limited to 200
DM2 – Olivia Dunham, Limited to 100
DM3 – Peter Bishop, #’d to 50

Triple Wardrobe Card

TM1 – Olivia Dunham, Walter Bishop, Peter Bishop, #’d to 25


Metal Case Topper Card

CT – Olivia Dunham, Limited to 37


Fringe Season 5 Premium Collection releases February 9th, 2016.

For more information about about Fringe Season 5 Premium Collection please visit the product page.

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