Future Watch: 2014 NFL Rookies Looking to Breakout in 2015

Future Watch: 2014 NFL Rookies Looking to Breakout in 2015 – You can take this next statement to the bank. The 2014 NFL Draft class will deliver more breakout stars in the coming years than any class from the previous 10 years. Last year’s rookie crop may have lacked flashy and high profile names outside of Johnny Manziel but when it comes to quality football players that can make an immediate impact, the list was deep.

Everyone knows the major names that saw debut success, think Odell Beckham Jr., Aaron Donald, Zack Martin Teddy  Bridgewater and C.J. Mosley. However, there are several other players being named across the NFL blogosphere that experts predict will have breakout seasons in 2015.

Chief among these players are Blake Bortles, Eric Ebron, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and Davante Adams. Here is a look at what a few writers are saying about these players on NFL.com.

SBNation.com adds to the list with players like Marcus Smith, Dee Ford and Ryan Shazier into the mix.

When it comes to the collectible value of NFL football cards, we all know that skilled position players lead the way. Unfortunately, unlike defensive players who can often make more of an immediate impact, skill position players often require a little seasoning due to a longer learning curve and often a backlog of depth on the roster.

So while some of the rookie debuts from 2014 and breakout predictions for players in 2015 aren’t all necessarily sexy in terms of collectible appeal, they do provide an opportunity for collectors to flip cards of these players for a profit to use for purchasing new boxes and singles for their own personal collections.

It will pay dividends to keep a close eye on all of this year’s sophomore players, especially those that capture starting positions. The cross-over appeal from fantasy sports players entering the sports trading card market is showing signs of growing. These savvy gamblers already have the requisite OCD in their blood to make good candidates for hobby participants.

This interest, in turn, should increase demand, driving single card prices up. NOW is the time to speculate on breakout players for the 2015 season from the 2014 NFL Draft Class.

That being said, there are several 2014 NFL trading card products that have significantly dropped in price recently making for some solid investment opportunities. Among these products are:

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