Future Watch: Aaron Nola Baseball Rookie Cards, Philadelphia Phillies

Future Watch: Aaron Nola Baseball Rookie Cards, Philadelphia Phillies – Aaron Nola is a fresh-faced kid who was born in Louisiana and now pitches for the Philadelphia Phillies. The Phillies are a team hoping to not set a record for futility this season and Nola could be the arm to prevent that from happening. So far he’s 0-1 yet he only yielded one run in six innings.

At 6-1, 195lb, he’s not a flame thrower but he’s not a junk baller either. He can get the ball up to 94mph which is fast enough, considering he has great control, can paint the corners, and has movement on his pitches. The late movement on his fastball, in particular, causes problems for opposing hitters.

The Phillies only managed to get four hits against the Tampa Bay Rays in his debut. One of them was a clean single by Nola. It was an impressive debut to say the least. He did everything he could to win that game. His long delivery and short memory should help him get through this tough season.

Nola is a high profile prospect. Fans have been anxiously waiting for him to pitch in the bigs. Nola had a 3-1 record and a 3.58 ERA in AAA, Lehigh Valley, also in Pennsylvania. As the 7th overall pick in 2014, collectors have been waiting for this day as well.

Aaron Nola’s first baseball cards and certified autographs were released in 2014 pre-rookie products.

You can find his cards in several licensed and unlicensed trading card products from that year including:

Nola’s first officially designated rookie cards have not yet hit the market. However, collector’s should pay close attention to late season releases, as Topps will certainly look to get his rookie card in one of their sets before the end of the year.

He is also included on the checklist of several of the 2015 releases of the above brands and also 2015 Topps Pro Debut.

Here’s an interview with Nola right after he was drafted out of LSU:

MLB.com has a great interview with him talking about making his big league debut. In addition, you can see highlights from his first game including his first hit and his first strikeout as a major league pitcher. Check it out.

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