Future Watch: Eddie Nketiah Soccer Cards, Arsenal

Future Watch: Eddie Nketiah Soccer Cards, Arsenal – Despite being 21 years old and getting 14 appearances in all competitions this season for Arsenal, there is still some speculation that must occur when discussing the future of talented striker Eddie Nketiah. That’s because Nketiah has yet to really solidify himself as a starter for the Gunners. That might be coming soon though.

Nketiah has two goals in 12 Premier League appearances in 2019-20. He also chipped in two goals in FA Cup action this season. He has previously been dynamic for Arsenal’s youth teams in PL2, with 27 goals in 31 games at that level. But Nketiah’s goal scoring exploits will next come in large numbers at the highest level.

The young Londoner is a smart striker who knows which runs to make and not make inside the area. He crashes the six very well and has excellent reflexes and timing in front of goal. I like his first touch with either foot and he finishes very well with both also. Nketiah is solid in the air and he has a real calm about himself when playing with the ball at his feet in and near the area. He is patient but also plays quickly.

The question for Nketiah in the very near future is will he be given a real opportunity over many games to prove he can be a striker who leads a team. Keep an eye on the number of starts he receives early in the next season. Whether that is at Arsenal remains to be seen.

Nketiah has done very well at every level of the youth teams for England. He is still looking for his first full international cap.

Check out Eddie Nketiah’s goals from the 2019-20 season:

Eddie Nketiah made his cardboard debut in 2019-20 Panini Prizm English Premier League Soccer, but others are sure to follow soon!

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