Future Watch: Guide to Collecting Ben Simmons NBA Basketball Rookie Cards – At first glance, collecting basketball cards of the young Philadelphia 76er’s star can be tricky for collectors. Simmons is in the unique position of being signed to an exclusive autograph deal with Upper Deck. However, his NBA licensed rookie cards can only be found in 2016-17 Panini America basketball products.

As a result, both categories of cards, autographed and licensed rookies, are performing very well on the secondary market. In fact if all non-autographed base cards performed as well as Ben Simmons’ are doing, it would transform the hobby. Not to mention the going rate for limited edition, serial numbered cards, which can command top dollar.

We present here the definitive guide to collecting Ben Simmons NBA licensed rookie cards, autographs and memorabilia.

Future Watch: Guide to Collecting Ben Simmons NBA Basketball Rookie Cards

Ben Simmons Basketball Card Facts

According to Beckett, Ben Simmons currently has a total of 265 trading cards broken down by:

  • Panini America – 258
  • Upper Deck – 6
  • Serial #’d – 161
  • Autographed – 4
  • Base RC’s – 16
  • Base Parallels – 153
  • Inserts – 29
  • Parallel Inserts – 47

Keep in mind, that there are a handful of 2016-17 Panini NBA Basketball Card products still to be released for the collecting season including:

Here is a look at recent sales in both categories to give dealers and collectors some insight into the odd phenomenon surrounding the 2016-17 basketball card market for Ben Simmons.

Future Watch: Guide to Collecting Ben Simmons NBA Basketball Rookie Cards

Ben Simmons Panini America NBA Licensed Rookie Cards

It’s no surprise that Ben Simmons’ top-selling NBA licensed cards all come from National Treasures. The prices have been staggering with the top sale going to a NT Gold card from the set, #’d to 10, for $8,995. On the low end, there have been sales close to $900 for the Base version #’d to 99. Pretty impressive!

Ben Simmons’ Base Card from 2016-17 Panini National Treasures, routinely sells in the $900. Parallels have command ten times that amount.

But what about Simmons’ other Base and Parallel Cards from 2016-17 Panini America NBA Basketball card products? Gold Parallels, #’d to 10, from both 2016-17 Panini Prizm and 2016-17 Donruss Optic have each sold for $1,700.

However, it’s not just the rare Gold Parallels that are holding their value. Imagine if every base parallel rookie card in your collection was worth over $100? You really could put your kid through college. That’s what Simmons more easily pulled base parallels from brands like Prizm and Select are currently going for on the secondary market.

Not to mention the fact that the quality of those brands’ card stock makes them ideal for grading. This results in some premium grades and regular base cards selling in the $60-100 range for PSA 10’s and BGS 9.5’s. That leaves plenty of upside from an investment standpoint.

A quick look at eBay, regardless of when you do a search, will yield five-figure sales results for Ben Simmons numbering in the dozens of cards. At the time of this writing, just in the last 90 days, over 50 Ben Simmons NBA licensed rookie cards from Panini  America have sold for more than $1,000!  See for yourself.

Future Watch: Guide to Collecting Ben Simmons NBA Basketball Rookie Cards

Ben Simmons Upper Deck Autographed Cards

Upper Deck knew exactly what they were doing when they locked up the number one overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft to an exclusive autograph deal. As a result, the prices for Simmons’ autographed cards have commanded top dollar. With only a small sampling available, none has sold for less than $1,000 with multiple examples selling for $1,800.

To Upper Deck’s credit, the company has not flooded the market with Simmons’ signature. The most prevalent way to locate an autographed card of Ben Simmons is through boxes of 2016 Goodwin Champions. He is included on the checklist of a couple of different autograph sets including Goudey and Goudey’s Sports Royalty.

But again, it’s not just his autographed cards that are selling for top dollar. Despite not being licensed by the NBA or depicting Simmons in his NBA uniform, his Base Cards, which are all short-prints, continue to sell for $100 or often times more. That’s for raw, ungraded examples. As for graded examples, BGS 9.5 copies can command as much as $200.

Ben Simmons Upper Deck Authenticated Memorabilia

In addition to autographed trading cards, collectors have a wide array of autographed memorabilia options to choose from thank to Upper Deck Authenticated. The company carries a full line of Ben Simmons memorabilia including: jerseys, photographs, basketballs and more. Visit the Upper Deck Store for more information.

Ben Simmons Upper Deck Authenticated Gallery

Future Watch: Guide to Collecting Ben Simmons NBA Basketball Rookie Cards

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Future Watch: Guide to Collecting Ben Simmons NBA Basketball Rookie Cards 

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Future Watch: Guide to Collecting Ben Simmons NBA Basketball Rookie Cards

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