Future Watch: Joc Pederson Rookie Baseball Cards, L.A. Dodgers – The Los Angeles Dodgers are known for developing great prospects through their deeply talented scouting department and exceptional farm system. One such prospect, having a banner year, is leadoff hitter and centerfielder, Joc Pederson.

Known for having some terrific power, he has already clobbered 17 homers and 33 RBI while belting out an additional ten extra-base hits.

So far he’s had just 245 at-bats and he’s one of the favorites to win the N.L. Rookie of the Year award. The organization has developed several players through the years that have won the prestigious award and this year may be no different if Pederson has his way.

Pederson runs hard, fields well, takes walks and that’s everything you want in a leadoff man. It’s a sign of things to come in the game since home run totals have been dropping for years. Fortunately for Dodgers’ fans, Pederson is comfortable in his role and appears ready to be an anchor at that spot in the line-up for years to come.

The Dodgers have had to stay patient and ignore the numerous trade offers that included this talented 23-year-old. Instead they believe they have a player who can put up even better numbers for the next decade or so.

Joc Pederson’s first cards come from 2011 Topps baseball card products including, Heritage Minor League and Pro Debut.

Pederson’s officially designated rookie cards, as well as autographed versions, can be found in several 2015 baseball card products including, but not limited to:

Joc Pederson is a fun talent to watch play the game as evidenced by these video clips.

Here’s Pederson stealing a home run with Vin Scully making the call:

Here’s his major league debut:


Here’s a Pederson 477ft homer! Yes it was in Colorado but it was pretty nonetheless:

In a few years, this kid will be at the top of every collector’s list. He’s no longer a secret, but people still aren’t totally clued in to him. By the time the All-Star game rolls around . . . they will be.

Future Watch: Joc Pederson Rookie Baseball Cards, L.A. Dodgers Image Gallery

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