Kevin FialaFuture Watch: Kevin Fiala Hockey Rookie Cards, Nashville Predators – It’s the rare occurence that an 18-year-old gets the opportunity to play in an NHL game. However, last year, Nashville’s Kevin Fiala did just that. The 5’10, 187lb winger accrued several frequent flyer miles over the last year. Besides playing in the one regular season game, he also made an appearance in the NHL playoffs.

He also played in the World Junior Championships and did a stint with the Milwaukee Admirals of the AHL. The soon to be 19-year-old gained valuable experience and playing time as his game continues to mature. His next and perhaps final stop, on this early leg of his professional hockey journey, could be Music City.

The Swiss forward has great wheels and as a result can get into scoring areas before the opposing defense. He’s a very patient scorer and the puck always seems to be glued to his stick. He will be one of the best passers in training camp for sure.

Fiala was selected as the 11th overall pick in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft. He probably would have gone higher if he was taller. He has a very sturdy build however, and the fact that he’s elusive, means he could have a great impact at the NHL level. Management and fans are hoping he ends up being that missing scorer the Predators have needed for a few seasons now.

To date, there are no officially licensed NHL trading cards of this potential phenom. Since the NHL has rules regarding the rookie status of late season roster call-ups, Kevin Fiala will most likely make his NHL trading card debut in 2015-16 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey.

Here’s Fiala on a bigger sheet of ice in the Swiss Hockey League:

Here’s a look at his first two North American professional goals:

Kevin Fiala has the skill and the drive to make it in the NHL. Now he just needs to be given a full-time opportunity to prove that he’s capable of performing at this level on a consistent basis

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