Future Watch: Kyle Connor Hockey Rookie Cards, Jets

Future Watch: Kyle Connor Hockey Rookie Cards, JetsFuture Watch: Kyle Connor Hockey Rookie Cards, Jets – Kyle Connor is a 20-year-old prospect out of Michigan. What sets him apart from a lot of younger players is the fact that he made the jump from the University of Michigan into professional hockey after his freshman season.

The center was selected 17th overall in the 2015 NHL Draft. The Winnipeg Jets knew early on that he could be a franchise-caliber player for them.

This talented player has already played 19 NHL games in his first season. He’s also played three games in the AHL. The Manitoba Moose play in the same building as the parent franchise so it’s possible he could do this for his entire first season.

He has four NHL points and two in the AHL. It shows that he’s been correctly tabbed as a professional talent. Now the team will be careful to ease him into the NHL full-time until they feel he’s excelling at the highest level. That may be this year or it could be next season.

Kyle Connor does have a Young Guns rookie card in the loaded 2016-17 Upper Deck Series One Hockey. He also has a rookie card in the Canadian exclusive 2016-17 Parkhurst Hockey. Collectors should get used to seeing him.

However, be sure to look for him in upcoming 2016-17 hockey releases from Upper Deck including:

Connor shows off his one-timer here with a terrific pre-season goal:

At 6′-1″, 182lbs., he has good size and his strength is getting closer to what you need to play in the NHL regularly. His speed is way above average and he can either be a scorer or a playmaker. He has an innate way of knowing when players are open and feeding them with a tape-to-tape pass to set up scoring chances for his teammates.

Right now he’s in the learning phase of the game. When he gets past that he has a very high talent level that should serve him and the Jets very well.

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Russ Cohen