Future Watch: Nic Petan Hockey Rookie Cards, Jets – Some players have all the tools; speed, vision, hockey sense and that passion for the game. Nic Petan is one of those players. The catch for him is his lack of size. At 5′-9″ and just around 180lbs, he has to get stronger. When the Winnipeg Jets drafted him 43rd overall in 2013 they knew that and were willing to wait.

This year he got a 14-game stint that may have seemed fruitless in the stat columns but he gained valuable experience and took that back down with him to the Manitoba Moose where he’s racking up the assists. This forward is a playmaker, plain and simple.

At 20, his strength isn’t ideal just yet. Next year he’ll get another chance to stick with the big club and play out his dreams in the NHL. While his first professional season is important, what happens this summer in regards to his training, could help catapult him to the next level. in juniors he averaged almost 1.5 points per game. At the NHL level he can be a 50-60 point player.

Nic Petan’s first hockey cards date back to 2013-14 Heroes & Prospects from In the Game. Upper Deck included him in the 2014-15 Team Canada set as well. His first, NHL licensed rookie cards can be found as a Rookie Redemption in 2015-16 Artifacts. He also has a Young Guns card in 2015-16 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey.

Here’s a highlight package from his 2015 World Junior Championship run:


Here is a look at his first NHL goal:

This kid can play. He’s just fine tuning his game. His time will come and fans in Winnipeg and all around the NHL will be talking about him. Patience is the key for collectors. Some things in life just can’t be rushed.

Nic Petan NHL.com Player Profile

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