Future Watch: Noah Hanifin Hockey Rookie Cards, Hurricanes

Future Watch: Noah Hanifin Hockey Rookie Cards, Hurricanes – Sometimes there is a rookie class that is so deep that your name never comes up as a Calder Finalist. That’s not a shot at Noah Hanifin’s season, it’s just the opposite. He played for a pesky Carolina Hurricanes team who had a decent season. He’s a big reason why.

This 6′-3″, 206 lb. defenseman played in 79 games! At the tender age of 19 he’s a prodigy. His 22 points is a nice starting point to what is likely to be an all-star studded career. 2015-16 was a learning experience. 2016-17 could be a springboard to something greater.

To say that Hanfin’s performance justified selecting him with the fifth overall pick in the 2015 NHL Draft, is an understatement.

When you have a new employee the worst thing a boss can do is give that person a workload that they’re not capable of handling. Hanifin averaged just under 18 minutes a game and that’s not an accident. It was by design. Next year I expect he’ll be around the 20-minute mark and by year three he should be breaking that mark. The progression is what’s important. As his ice time increases so will his point totals.

This Boston, Massachusetts native first starred with Team USA. In the same calendar year, he managed to strike gold on the U-17 and U18 teams. That was in 2013-14, the next year he was in Boston College getting voted to the all-rookie team and D1 all-star. He’s always shown an upward progression so nothing’s really changed.

Here’s a look at his first NHL goal:

You can find  Noah Hanifin’s key rookie card in 2015-16 Upper Deck Series 2 Hockey. He also has licensed NHL rookie cards in this year’s Black Diamond and Fleer Showcase products, to name a few.

With a big shot, his power play prowess and great skating, Hanifin is on the verge of having a breakout season.

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Russ Cohen