Future Watch: Sensational Sophomore NHL hockey cards

Future Watch: Sensational Sophomore NHL hockey cards: Here are five players that collectors should be in on. None of them were Calder Trophy Finalists last year, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be stars when their experience and additional training becomes more evident on the ice.

Kaapo Kakko was the second overall pick in 2019 got a learning experience in his first NHL season. His 10 goals and 23 points isn’t what you would be hoping for. This season the Rangers sophomore may play on the same line with Artemi Panarin. If that happens, there’s no doubt that the Finn will get some of the sweetest passes any player could want. That goal total could double.
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Jack Hughes was the first overall pick in 2019. Now in 2021, a physically stronger sophomore will start to rack up more points for the Devils. His 21 points in a shortened season was a learning experienceHughes has speed, elusiveness, and experience that will add a lot more points this season.
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Cody Glass was the first draft pick in Vegas Golden Knights history when he went sixth overall in 2017. His modest point totals could go way up this season when he sees a lot more ice time, power play time. Whether it be on the wing or center, Glass is healthy, and his vision and pro wrist shot will be more evident this season.
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Joel Farabee was drafted 14th overall in 2018. The Flyers left wing had eight goals last yearnormal rookie struggles offensively. His hockey I.Q. and quick release on his wrist shot or one-timer will get him more power-play time and more goals. Farabee already had more confidence in the playoffs, so this year will be prosperous. Bigger years are coming.
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Nick Suzuki was drafted by the Vegas Golden Knights and traded to the Canadiens. Montreal knew he was good, but it’s hard to say they would expect him to get 13 goals and 41 points in his rookie season. Suzuki will build off this past season, and now with even more offensive talent around him, his ability to find open spaces and his quick-release wrist shot will net more points in 2021.
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The NHL has a lot of great young players to collect. We’re just scratching the surface, and more players will emerge in their sophomore seasons when the 2021 season begins.

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