Future Watch: Why These NFL Rookies Will Dominate Collecting – The NFL and collectors witnessed a perfect storm. Quarterback Sam Darnold was supposed to go first and instead went to a big media market. Quarterback Baker Mayfield was supposed to go anywhere from second to fourth and instead was the first overall pick. The best running back will take his act to Broadway and the best pass rusher climbed the highest mountain.

Baker Mayfield – He’s the first overall pick. That makes him instantly collectible. If LeBron James leaves Cleveland, he’ll be the #1 athlete in that town bar none. The Browns will be shown on national television more and his demand could exceed the normal buzz for a first overall selection.

Sam DarnoldHe could turn out to be the second greatest draft pick in the history of the New York Jets; right after Joe Namath. It’s a lofty sentence but the signs are all there. He’s in the #1 media market in the world, he’s a quarterback, and fans will demand to see him play at some point. The demand in the hobby for his rookie cards could exceed Mayfield.

Saquon Barkley – He could be the best running back prospect the New York Giants have had since Tiki Barber. Having Eli Manning as his quarterback will provide him some cover to perform like a star in the Big Apple. He will get a ton of media coverage and his success on the gridiron and in the hobby will be immense.

Bradley ChubbChubb is joining a very talented Denver Broncos defense. He will be one of four potential sack specialists on that team which should get him instant notoriety being a part of one of the best pass rushes in the game. Sacks and big-time tackles get you noticed from football fans and collectors.

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