In The Game Details Final Vault Bonus Content

In The Game Details Final Vault Bonus Content – The end of a long and wonderful era in trading card production concludes today with the release of Final Vault Hockey. This is the last product being independently produced by In The Game. Dr Brian Price announced, via his blog, that random boxes will include an 11th card. Here is an excerpt from the blog post:


“We are pleased to announce that in addition to the cards stated above, there will be inserted randomly in boxes of The Final Vault, cards that were produced for previous In The Game products but were not inserted at the time of the products’ release.

These cards will be added to the products’ checklist on our website with a special notation that the card may only be found in The Final Vault.

These cards were not inserted when the product was released due to production issues or players not returning their autograph cards back to us for the pack-out. We needed to find a good home for these cards and this is the perfect place as a bonus to those opening this product. These cards are not stamped.

To be crystal clear, these cards will be the 11th card in random boxes.”

2015 Leaf In The Game Final Vault Hockey delivers (5) Game-Used Memorabilia Cards, (4) Autographed Cards and (1) Mask Card in Every Box!Each card is stamped with the Vault logo.

For more details, please visit the product page.

Read the entire post for detailed information about the foil stamping designations.

In The Game Details Final Vault Bonus Content – Image Gallery

Here is a look at several of the cards collectors should be on the lookout for as they are breaking boxes of Final Vault. Also included are some of the aforementioned BONUS cards and redemption cards available at this weekend’s Toronto Spring Expo.