Grading The Stars: Bob Odenkirk – There’s just something about the stars. They’re mesmerizing. Whether it’s the stars in sports, entertainment or in the sky, they captivate us with their dazzling ways and continue to shine ever so brightly for all of us to see.

In the Grading The Stars series, we’ll feature the stars of the past, present and future and grade them based on their prestige, performance and promise. Plus, we’ll highlight three cool cards of a star to collect under a certain dollar figure.

There are five grading levels of the stars: 10 = Icon (Blue Diamond), 9.5 = Legend (Platinum), 9 = Superstar (Gold), 8.5 = Star (Silver) and 8 = Rising Star (Bronze).

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Today, we’ll feature a man who began his career as a writer on a legendary late-night comedy showcase and has risen to being one of the best actors on two of the greatest TV dramas of all-time, Bob Odenkirk.

Humble Beginnings: Bob Odenkirk’s rise to stardom wasn’t like most actors. He began as a writer on Saturday Night Live in 1975 and wrote for other shows in the ensuing years. He went on to be a bit actor before his big break on Breaking Bad as Saul Goodman.

S’all Good, Man: The popularity of Odenkirk’s character was s’all good, man and led to his first leading role in Better Call Saul. Currently in its 6th and final season, Better Call Saul is arguably the best TV spin-off of all-time and some believe it’s better than Breaking Bad.

Future Outlook: The 59-year old Odenkirk is a talented actor, although he could be typecast moving forward. If that’s the case, it won’t deter fans of his or Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul to covet his cards and collectibles. He’s a fun one to collect!

Grade: 8.5 = Star (Silver)

Grading The Stars: Bob Odenkirk – 3 Cool Cards To Collect

2014 Cryptozoic Breaking Bad Authentic Wardrobe #M11 – A raw version of this card currently sells in the $50 – $75 range on eBay.

2017 Topps First Pitch #FP-2 – A raw version of this card currently sells in the $5 – $15 range on eBay.

2022 Leaf Metal Pop Century Crystal Silver #BA-BO1 /50 – A raw version of this card currently sells in the $60 – $75 range on eBay.


Grading The Stars Bob Odenkirk

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