Grading The Stars: Spider-Man, Marvel Entertainment – There’s just something about the stars. They’re mesmerizing. Whether it’s the stars in sports, entertainment or in the sky, they captivate us with their dazzling ways and continue to shine ever so brightly for all of us to see.

In this new series, Grading The Stars, we’ll feature the stars of the past, present and future and grade them based on their prestige, performance and promise. Plus, we’ll highlight three cool cards of a star to collect under a certain dollar figure.

There are five grading levels of the stars: 10 = Icon (Blue Diamond), 9.5 = Legend (Platinum), 9 = Superstar (Gold), 8.5 = Star (Silver) and 8 = Rising Star (Bronze).

Grading The Stars Grades

Today, we’ll feature everyone’s favorite from Marvel Entertainment, the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

The Amazing Spider-Man: The success story that Spider-Man has turned into is simply amazing. Since his debut in 1962 of Amazing Fantasy #15, Spider-Man has related to the masses like no other superhero.

Global Web Reach: In a 2021 analytical study by GAME, Spider-Man was voted as the world’s most popular superhero. Whether it’s comics, cards, movies, merchandise, etc… Spider-Man’s web casts a large global reach.

Future Outlook: There will always be a market for Spider-Man’s cards. He’s an iconic figure who will continue to attract new generations of collectors, because as we all know, there are many ways to spin a new web.

Grade: 10 = Icon (Blue Diamond)

Grading The Stars: Spider-Man, Marvel Entertainment – 3 Cool Cards Under $40 To Collect

2017 Spider-Man Homecoming Webbed Threads #WTT4
– This card currently sells in the $12 – $18 range on eBay.

2020 Marvel Ages Decades 1990s #D9-10 – This card currently sells in the $12 – $18 range on eBay.

2021 Marvel Black Diamond Diamond Cutters #DC12 – This card currently sells in the $30 – $40 range on eBay.


Grading The Stars Marvel Entertainments Spiderman

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