Group Breaking 101: A Retailers Guide – It’s fair to say that when group case breaking burst on the scene, what seems like just a few years ago, it took the hobby by storm. Since that time, the number of online group case breakers has grown exponentially. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact number but its impact in terms of revenue generated in terms of sales now makes up a significant portion of total new card sales in the market. As a result many traditional brick-and-mortar stores have also been adopting this practice as an additional revenue stream.

Other store owners are looking to learn more about the process to facilitate their own group breaks. That is where GTS Distribution can help. We believe that anyway to generate revenue for our customers is an opportunity that should be explored. However, we know that the process can initially be a bit daunting. To help alleviate some of that burden, we have produced the first, in what we plan to be a series of video tutorials to help explain exactly what a group case break is and how store owners can get in on the action.

Current GTS customers can contact their representative for more details and specific questions.

Group Breaking 101: A Retailers Guide

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