GTS Distribution & Ripping Wax Bring Case Breaking to Asia Market – The seemingly overnight hobby phenomenon that occurred a few years ago, has become big business. Far from being the fad some claimed it would be, organized case breaks represent a significant percentage of hobby sales. In an ongoing effort to grow the hobby, GTS Distribution has joined forces with Ripping Wax, Jaspy’s Hobbyland and Nasty Breaks to make case breaking a global initiative. The following is a press release issued this week.

Downloadable copy: GTS-Asia-Breaking Press Release 5-14-15


GTS Distribution working to develop case breaking business market in Asia

May 14, 2015 –  GTS Distribution announces today plans to take a team of professional breakers lead by Ripping Wax Inc. (Ripping Wax, Jaspy’s HobbyLand, Nasty Breaks) to the Asia-Pacific region (Thursday May 14th through Thursday May 21st) in an effort to further develop breaking initiatives and expose shops in those markets to the potential of building their breaking businesses. GTS will also be showcasing the latest exclusive Topps product offerings designed for the Asia-Pacific market.

GTS Distribution has joined forces with David Gelfman (Ripping Wax) and his team to help execute breaks and educate shops on how the break business works. Company representatives are headed to Taipei, Taiwan and Tokyo on an initial trip designed to not only run breaks in shops, but also expose those shops to GTS’ exclusive products developed in conjunction with the Topps Company.

US Collectors will have a one-week window (Thursday May 14th through Thursday May 21st) to participate in these pick your team, random, multiple and personal case breaks of exclusive Asia-Pacific products. Additionally, Prior year exclusive Asia-Pacific products will be made available.

Products Only Available In U.S.During This Exclusive Period – May 14th through May 21st:

Presale spots are available now:

Watch The Breaks Live!

“We have all seen the impact breaking has had in the North American card market, and while the Asia market typically mirrors what happens here in terms of product reception and performance, we feel there is substantial growth opportunity for all involved by helping this method of product delivery to the end-consumer take hold with our partners overseas,” said GTS Vice President Lloyd Kee. “We couldn’t be happier to be working with Ripping Wax. They’re among the best in the business and add tremendous value to what we are trying to achieve,” Kee added.

“We’re very grateful to be given the opportunity to partner along with GTS and Topps to take this monumental leap forward in the case breaking industry. I couldn’t be more proud to be with the Ripping Wax team to watch as they represent the U.S. case breaking industry,” said David Gelfman founder and CEO of Ripping Wax.



The week-long event will take place between May 14th – and May 21st. A team of affiliated breakers, including David Gelfman of Ripping Wax Inc., Scott Bateson of and Nick and Mike Jasperson of will be hosting and demonstrating live breaks to shops in Taipei, Taiwan and Tokyo.

Collectors here in the U.S. will also have a one week opportunity to participate in numerous case breaking evens including: pick your team, random, multi-case and personal breaks of 2015 Topps Asia Exclusive products, as well as previous years’ releases.

Mike Jasperson of Jaspy’s had this to say about the upcoming tour. “We’re really excited about breaking live in Asia. This will be a fantastic opportunity to share our love for the hobby with a new audience.”

Mike’s comments were echoed by fellow breaker, Scott Bateson of “I am beyond excited to take group breaking to a whole new level with traveling to Asia to bring awareness and to provide exclusive content to our customers. This will make for a very exciting and eventful experience.”

Typically, Topps’ Asia products are manufactured, specifically and exclusively for distribution to the Asia-Pacific market by GTS; US customers are only able to purchase singles via the secondary market. However, as a result of this tour, U.S. collectors will be able to purchase them through these breaking events.

The exclusive Asian Edition products included with this opportunity are:

2015 Topps Tier One Baseball
2015 Bowman Baseball
2014 Bowman Sterling Baseball
2014 Topps Tier-1 Baseball

Click on the links above for complete product details.

Pre-Sale spots are available NOW for purchase through: and

Collectors can follow the breaks live at (NastyBreaks) and (Jaspys).



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About Ripping Wax

A pioneer in the “breaking” industry, Ripping Wax was born during a family beach vacation after stumbling into a card store in Delaware in 2011. After time away from the industry, founder David Gelfman rediscovered his passion for cards and the process of breaking products online live. The interactivity of those participating in the breaks, and those watching breaks remains at the heart of what Ripping Wax does, and delivering customer satisfaction and interaction is key to their success. For more information please visit


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