Hobby Musings: 2021 MLB Predictions – Last week, we heard from the collectibles industry on picks for the marquee names in baseball right now. This week, it’s prediction time for the MLB season, as well as the collecting calendar.

Your participants, once again this week, are:

KS: Who do you think will win the World Series this season?

EK: Padres in 6. They have all the elements needed to do it, but the question remains, can they put it together for a Championship season?

BG: Dodgers

LF: L.A. DodgersInsanely loaded, but keep an eye on the Padres!

KS: Who are your predictions for MVP in each league?

EK: AL – Jose Ramirez – he came close last year in a shortened season, so if he can keep up that same momentum across a full season, he’ll be back in the running for MVP this year. NL – Juan Soto – from Topps Series 1 Cover Athlete to 2021 MVP? Now THAT’S a story I’m rooting for!

BG: Mookie Betts in NL and Mike Trout in AL.
LF: Fernando Tatis Jr. (NL) and Mike Trout (AL)

KS: Who are your predictions for Rookie of the year in each league?

EK: AL – Jarred Kelenic – as long as he secures a roster spot, it would be fun to see him and Kyle Lewis go back-to-back for ROY. Per MLB, the last time that happened was when Kaz Sasaki and Ichiro Suzuki did it in 00/01, so would be some fun history! In NLSixto Sanchez … The back of his rookie card says it all: “The rate hitters who can time Sixto’s 100-mph fastball also have to contend with an 89-mph changeup and 88-mph slider that move in two different directions.” I wouldn’t want to get in the box with him on the mound.

BG: Ke’Bryan Hayes in the NL and Randy Arozarena in the AL.

LF: MacKenzie Gore (NL) and Jared Kelenic (AL).

KS: Who’s the most underrated baseball player in the card world right now?

EK: Matt Chapman. He put together a great 2019 that further solidified him as a star for the A’s. As we all know, 2020 was an interesting year, so now that we have a full season ahead of us, I’m excited to see what Chapman will do with it, and hopefully as a result, see more love for his Topps cards.

BG: Ronald Acuna Jr.

LF: Past, Hank Aaron or Willie Mays – Their rookie cards should be at the same level as Mickey Mantle, LeBron James and Michael Jordan. Current, Anthony Rendon – Should be fun to see what pairing up with Mike Trout should do.

Kelsey’s ability to bring hobby coverage to the mainstream sports fan has been a true asset. GTS is happy to feature his thoughts on collecting in Hobby Musings. The opinions expressed are his and do not necessarily reflect those of GTS Distribution.
Hobby Musings: 2021 MLB Predictions

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