Hobby Musings: A Look at 2021 Topps A&G BaseballHobby Musings: A Look at 2021 Topps A&G Baseball – One of Topps’ more eclectic releases, 2021 Topps Allen & Ginter, hit the market earlier this year. As in years past, this edition of the release features three hits per box. These can include autographs, relic cards, rip cards, printing plates, and booklet cards.

From the two boxes Topps provided for review, I pulled mostly relic cards. However, I did come away with an autograph. Box 1 provided a mini jersey card of Red Sox legend David Ortiz, a regular-sized relic card of former Athletics and Cardinals slugger Mark McGwire, and a bat card of Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez. In box 2, I pulled a jersey card of Rangers infielder Isiah Kiner-Falefa, as well as, a relic card of ESPN personality Sarah Spain. The big hit was an autograph of former Twins All-Star Kent Hrbek. The on-card signature came on a framed mini card. On-card autographs are a major positive for Ginter throughout the product.

Hobby Musings: A Look at 2021 Topps A&G BaseballAs in years past, this year’s edition features a mix of baseball and non-baseball subjects in the checklist.  Some of the notable non-baseball subjects this year include football players Jaylen Waddle and Randall Cunningham. Actors, such as, Jeff Garlin and Jason Biggs were also represented this year.  As always, I enjoyed the non-baseball subjects in Ginter. They provide a chance to have cards of people who wouldn’t typically have them.  Whether you’re a fan of the subject or someone who likes to chase autographs, it is a fun collecting experience in a variety of ways.  In last week’s column, I had the chance to catch up with Sarah Tiana, who described her experience with getting her own card.

The overall design for 2021 A&G feels familiar to previous years. It’s still got the nice, soft stock design we’re accustomed to. The photography selected suits the brand well and tends to be be a complement rather than a distraction. They also look awesome when autographed. As a plus, you don’t have to worry about prepping them to get signed since there’s no gloss on the cards.

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Hobby Musings: A Look at 2021 Topps A&G BaseballAside from the base cards and hits, each box of Allen & Ginter includes several inserts. Many featured a variety of baseball subjects, including Historic Hits. However, like the rest of the product, many non-baseball cards are featured.  My favorites this year were easily the Deep Sea Shiver cards, featuring a notable shark species. I pulled four out in each box, including a great white shark.  I know some collectors aren’t fond of the non-baseball inclusions in A&G, but I’ve always felt they make the product a little more unique from Topps’ other baseball releases.

Overall, 2021 Topps Allen & Ginter was a very fun product to open. I found an immense amount of enjoyment going through the boxes and discovering everything that they had to offer. At 24 packs per box, it provided a prolonged box break as opposed to something that could be over in about a minute.  A&G has proved to be one of Topps’ steadier products over the years, and the popularity continues to endure with collectors.

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