Hobby Musings: Breaking Super Break #12 & #15 Football

Hobby Musings: Breaking Super Break #12 & #15 Football – Offering cards of some of the best to play the game, Super Break recently released #12 & #15 Football. Offering 1-2 cards per box, players such as Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes are only some of the star cards that are available for collectors to find. The product advertises that each 10-box case is guaranteed to contain a minimum of One “#12” and One “#15” buyback hit. The buybacks can include anything from graded rookie cards to autographs.

Hobby Musings: Breaking Super Break #12 & #15 Football

In the review box provided by Super Break, I pulled two ungraded cards. One was a 2017 Donruss Rated Rookie card of Patrick Mahomes. The other was a 2014 Topps Chrome Tom Brady Xfractor card. Both came enclosed in one touches.  While I certainly wouldn’t have minded coming away with an autograph or a graded rookie, it’s hard to argue with a rookie card of arguably the best QB in the NFL right now and a nice insert card of a future HOFer. Base rookie cards in particular have made a huge comeback in the hobby in recent years, and I’ve been among those who have been stunned by the prices they are commanding.

Hobby Musings: Breaking Super Break #12 & #15 FootballIf you can find them, boxes of this are retailing around the $140 mark online. Like any other product, there’s always a risk and gamble involved. However, there’s also some major upside in the available hits and plenty of nice cards that can be pulled. The advertising for it shows that autographs for Brady, Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, Lamar Jackson and Russell Wilson are among the cards you can pull. Beyond traditional cards, #12 & #15 Football also features the debut of The Bar SuperFoil Cut Auto and Memorabilia 1/1s. Collectors may also pull a redemption card good for a larger memorabilia piece. To find out more about how this product came about, I had the chance to catch up with Super Break’s Scott Allen via email.

KS: Scott, why did you decide to create your 12/15 Football product?

SA: We wanted our first football product of the year to pay homage to the great 12s and 15s of the past and today.

KS: For fans who don’t know, what are some of the highlights you can find in boxes?Hobby Musings: Breaking Super Break #12 & #15 Football

SA: A tremendous amount of Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes rookies , refractors and autographs. Top rookie cards of Lamar Jackson, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Ezekiel Elliott, Dak Prescott and other greats . New SuperFoil 1/1 game-used redemptions for signed memorabilia, as well as game-used memorabilia pieces.

KS: What would you say is the top card/item that can be pulled?

SA: Tom Brady and Pat Mahomes signed certified memorabilia and cards

KS:  How do you go about deciding on and acquiring the assets for inclusion?

SA: We wanted to focus on the top names in football, Best rookie cards and top notch signed items. We accomplished just that, and this is our best football to date.

KS:  While there are plenty of popular players who have worn 12 and 15 in the NFL, the two biggest ones right now are Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes respectively. What kind of challenges, if any, do you face in acquiring their cards and memorabilia for a product like this?

SA: Collectors and dealers wanting to sell great pieces In a market with steadily rising prices.

KS:  As we stand today, who do you think is the most popular player among football collectors?

SA: We feel Brady and Mahomes are the two most collectible players in 2020. They are class acts, and their cards can only get better. 

KS: With the coronavirus pandemic going on, have you faced any additional challenges in buying items for your products?

SA: We are known as being very fair buyers and get many offers via email and social. However, there are no phenomenal deals on great rookie cards, refractors, holos, autos and 1/1s in today’s market. 

KS: Switching gears a little bit, you have also done or are planning to do similar products to this with basketball and baseball themes. What more can you tell me about those?

SA: Super Break 23/24 Basketball out at the end of June will be stacked with desirable Jordans, LeBron, Kobe, Giannis, Curry, Kawhi and more. Major improvements since Series 1 on content, ROI and lots of graded BGS and PSA 10s. The 23 items super draft this summer will be amazing . Collectors win!

KS: Basketball focuses on 23 and 24, which includes Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. What is the current state of both of their card and memorabilia markets?

SA: Jordan, Kobe and LeBron cards have been on the rise. These three players rookie cards , inserts and autographed buybacks should continue to get better through 2020 and 2021. It is exciting to see a hot market and for us to have our finger on the pulse of it.

KS: Baseball wise, you focused on the numbers 2 and 24. What are JS some of the big hits we can  expect in that product?

SA: Ken Griffey Jr. and Derek Jeter are highlighted in this product with huge and desirable collector hits. Also, plan on plenty of rookies & autographs from Mike Trout, Ronald Acuna, Aaron Judge, Juan Soto, Cody Bellinger, Gleyber Torres, Jasson Dominguez and other hot players. Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Roberto Clemente, Hank Aaron and other high quality vintage cards will be unearthed, as well as new baseball SuperFoil 1/1s. We have some awesome surprises for our most exciting Super Break Baseball Live late July.


Hobby Musings: Breaking Super Break #12 & #15 Football
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