Hobby Musings: Busting 2018 Historic Autographs Originals Strip Cards

Hobby Musings: Busting 2018 Historic Autographs Originals Strip Cards

Hobby Musings: Busting 2018 Historic Autographs Originals Strip CardsIt’s not often that I’ll open a box of product right after release. I usually wait to see if the price will drop a little before buying. However, it’s also not often that a new product will come out that gives me fairly decent odds of adding a new baseball Hall of Fame autograph to my collection. Historic Autographs is one of the few companies that often provides checklists with older HOFers at good odds and reasonable prices.  With that in mind, I decided to get a few boxes of one of their most recent release in Originals Strip Cards Baseball.

Continuing their theme with their Originals product lines, each box comes with a cut autograph and a corresponding vintage card. In the case of this product, the card is from W-Series Strip Cards featuring a player and Mayfair position cards. Unlike previous Originals releases where the cards were encapsulated in a plastic holder, this release comes in a 4”x4” booklet. The booklet holds the autograph on one side and the card on the other. While there isn’t an encapsulated holder, Historic did a nice job of designing the booklet to cover and protect both the card and autograph.

Featuring a wide array of baseball legends and even a few non-baseball legends like Jack Dempsey and Gene Tunney, Historic advertised that over 40% of the checklist comprised of baseball HOFers. Each 10-box case also comes with a more premium HOFer featuring the likes of Babe Ruth, Tris Speaker and Casey Stengel. Even the “easierHOFers comprise names like Dave Bancroft and Bucky Harris that don’t often come up in product checklists.Hobby Musings: Busting 2018 Historic Autographs Originals Strip Cards

My own two boxes yielded two HOFers in Joe Sewell and Ed Roush. Both featured two very nice cut signatures of the players. The Roush had a W-Series strip card depicting him. The Sewell on the other hand had a Mayfair position card featuring a shortstop.  As is the case with Historic’s Originals products, the condition of the cards isn’t often the best, but they do make for a cool presentation that is not often seen in the card market. As someone who likes a player picture with my cut autographs, I like the additional touch and card condition aside, it does add extra value to the break.

Each booklet card came with a full letter of authenticity from Beckett. In addition to providing a description and authenticity for the booklet, it also explains the serial numbering for the specific card in case you’re curious how many of them are available in the product line.

Boxes for Originals Strip Cards are ranging from $170 to $210 online. It’s definitely a little bit of a risk at that price given the variety of the checklist. That being said, if you can land one of the premium signatures in the checklist, it’s a price tag that will seem like one heck of a bargain. Besides the HOfers and non-baseball stars, there are also rarer baseball autographs like Wally Pipp that can be found in boxes. While I would have preferred to see these presented in the hard plastic holder like Originals has been in the past, as I mentioned before, the booklet design does a nice job of protecting the card and autograph. Just be careful when handling so you don’t ding up the corners of the booklet.

While they make for quick shorter breaks, I did enjoy busting these two boxes. I’m sure I’ll end up cracking a few more in the future. Personal preference for the checklist material aside, it’s a cool product concept that you don’t often see. Today’s hobby world is so obsessed with prospects and rookies, it’s nice to see a product that solely focuses in on the hobby’s legends and provides collectors with a pretty reasonable chance to get them. If you’re keeping score at home, I’ve seen online that two of the four Babe Ruth autographs in the product have been pulled. There’s still a chance out there of landing his signature for your collection.

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Hobby Musings: Busting 2018 Historic Autographs Originals Strip Cards
Kelsey Schroyer