Hobby Musings: Busting TRISTAR Hidden Treasures Baseball Series 10

Hobby Musings: Busting TRISTAR Hidden Treasures Baseball Series 10

Hobby Musings: Busting TRISTAR Hidden Treasures Baseball Series 10While at the National a few months back, I got a few boxes of wax.  My friend who was staying with me noticed the boxes on my desk and asked why I hadn’t opened them yet.  I replied that I wanted to wait until I had gotten home from the show. While this is a common practice for me, especially for when I’m flying, my friend was confused. His reason was that whenever he got sealed boxes, he had to open them right away.

Talking with a couple friends of mine, the responses were mixed.  The majority opinion was that people who got their wax cracked it right away. The desire to see what they got was too overwhelming to wait.  Truth be told, I always used to crack my wax right away when I got it. In the past few years though, I’ve found though that I have no problem waiting a few days or even weeks to open my wax. Especially with a little one at home now, I like to open the boxes when I properly have time to enjoy the break.

With that in mind, I picked up a box of 2018 TRISTAR Hidden Treasures Series 10 Autographed Baseballs last weekend. A few weeks ago, I had the chance to crack a box of the Astros’ championship edition. After waiting a few days, I opened the box to find a signed baseball of Hall of Famer Jim Palmer.  Coming with a notification card listing his accomplishments, Palmer also added a HOF inscription to his signature. The baseball also came with a TRISTAR certification hologram to verify its authenticity.Hobby Musings: Busting TRISTAR Hidden Treasures Baseball Series 10

Series 10 of TRISTAR’s Hidden Treasures line contains 12 boxes per master case. Hall of Famers can be pulled 1 in 4 boxes on average. The product once again boasts a strong checklist with the likes of Mike Trout and Hank Aaron among the possibilities.  The grand prize is a Lou Gehrig signed baseball with PSA/DNA authentication.

Boxes are currently online with a price tag around $65 plus shipping.  It can be a little bit of a gamble, especially as not all of the signatures in the checklist are on the higher end. That being said, if you pull a great signature, it can pay off in a big way. Overall though, it’s a fun mystery pull with a truly wide array of signature possibilities from the world of baseball.

Whether you’re someone who has to open wax right away or can hold off for a few days, it’s still a fun thing to do regardless of the outcome.  While I personally prefer the certainty of getting something I need for my collection at this point, I do still enjoy the mystery of opening sealed wax from time to time. As always though, good luck with your own box busting.  I hope you pull something good for your collection.

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Hobby Musings: Busting TRISTAR Hidden Treasures Baseball Series 10
Kelsey Schroyer