Hobby Musings: Catching up with Twins pitcher Randy DobnakHobby Musings: Catching up with Twins pitcher Randy Dobnak – Twins pitcher Randy Dobnak has had anything but an ordinary path to the major leagues. For anyone not familiar with his story, it’s the stuff of movies. He went from pitching at Division II Alderson Broaddus University to eventually pitching in the major leagues, with a stint in independent ball in between.  In addition to playing baseball, you may also recognize him from driving for Uber. Like several major league players, he’s signed his fair share of autographs and has received multiple trading cards. I had the chance to catch up with my fellow South Park High School alumni to discuss these experiences.

KS: Randy, with COVID leading to no fans in the stands last season and limited fans this season, what’s it been like as a player with limited or no fan interaction?

RD: The fan interaction is one of my favorite parts of being in the big leagues. I remember when I was a kid how cool it was to just talk to players, so it was tough last year not being able to have that!

KS: From an autograph standpoint, have you been able to sign for fans at the stadiums this season?

RD: Yes we have been able to, but each stadium has different rules.

KS: Have you been allowed to sign autographs through the mail at all?

RD: Yes, I have gotten everyone’s mailed back that has sent me it!

KS: When is the first time you remember being asked to sign an autograph?Hobby Musings: Catching up with Twins pitcher Randy Dobnak

RD: I had buddies in college that would joke around and have me sign things, haha.

KS:  What is the strangest thing anyone has asked you to sign?

RD: I signed a kid’s forehead once in 2018 after I got his mom’s approval!

KS: Have you asked any of your teammates or other players for an autograph?

RD: I have not.

KS:  What memorabilia, if any, have you kept from your career so far?

RD: I have my first pitch, strikeout, win, cleats from the playoffs.

KS:  You’ve had some trading cards released. What was it like seeing yourself on a professional trading card for the first time?

RD: It was pretty surreal and really cool! Never thought I would get to a point in my life where that would be real!

KS: Are you collecting your own cards and do you have a favorite?

RD: My wife has been collecting them. My dad also has been collecting them! I think they’re all pretty cool, but the one from last season is awesome.

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