Hobby Musings: David Ayres Makes Hockey History

Hobby Musings: David Ayres Makes Hockey HistoryHobby Musings: David Ayres Makes Hockey History – Earlier this year, David Ayres made headlines when he played emergency goalie and earned a win for the Carolina Hurricanes. With the achievement, Ayres found himself on the receiving end of numerous accolades. In the hobby world, his feat will be celebrated by Upper Deck’s decision to honor him with his own Young Guns trading card. To find out more, I had the chance to catch up with Mr. Ayres. The following interview was conducted via email.

KS: David, how did you react when you found out you were getting your own trading card from Upper Deck?

DA: I was a little shocked. It’s something every kid dreams of having. It’s such an honor.

KS: Did you collect any trading cards or autographs growing up?

DA: I had boxes and boxes of cards of all sports cards that I collected as a kid and into my early teens.

KS: Will you try and collect your own cards?

DA: I’d love to have some of my own cards. It would be neat to frame and always have.

KS: How has your game experience affected your life in terms of people asking you for things like photos and autographs?

DA: Everywhere I go people ask for autographs and pictures. It’s still quite surreal but I always oblige.

KS: What has been the coolest thing about this whole experience for you and your family?Hobby Musings: David Ayres Makes Hockey History

DA: The different places we have traveled and meeting people from all over and how receptive they have been to my family and I.

KS: What memorabilia did you keep from your game?

DA: I have the game-worn jersey. And awaiting for the Hurricanes to send me the game puck.

KS: Is there anything you wish you had been able to keep that you couldn’t hold onto?

DA: I wish I could have kept the stick but having it on display at the Hockey Hall of Fame is monumental.

KS: Yours has definitely been a feel-good story. If a movie was to be made about this, is there anyone in particular you’d like to play you?

DA: I don’t think I have anyone in particular in mind that I would like to play me. I think the whole concept of a movie is amazing in itself.

Editor’s Note: Upper Deck has confirmed that Ayers will have a Young Guns Rookie Card as part of the Upper Deck Updates found in 2019-20 SP Authentic Hockey. That set is scheduled to release in May.


Hobby Musings: David Ayres Makes Hockey History
Kelsey Schroyer