Hobby Musings: Goldin Set to Auction Owens’ Medal – Over the years, there have been a number of high-end sports memorabilia items that have hit the auction block. I’ve been fortunate enough to cover and even hold some of those items in my hands. One item that I’ve always been proud to have seen in person was Jesse Owens’ gold medal that sold at auction a few years ago. That made it all the more interesting when I saw that Goldin Auctions would have another of his medals from those games available in their upcoming auction. To find out more about this incredible item, I had the chance to catch up with Ken Goldin. The following interview was conducted via email.

Hobby Musings: Goldin Set to Auction Owens' Medal

KS: Ken, this isn’t just a piece of sports memorabilia history, but a piece of history in general. How in the heck did you get this in for auction?
KG: We have the best reputation in the industry for handling high-end items, ensuring we have proper publicity and marketing around them, and insuring the key bidders who can afford such an item are awarded it is in our auction. Same reason we get so many high-end, high profile items. We are the best in the industry at it.

Hobby Musings: Goldin Set to Auction Owens' MedalKS: What was your reaction when it first came in?
KG: I visited the family in person. It was great to see and hear their family history.

KS: As was the case with another of Owens’ medals that went up for auction a couple of years ago, you don’t know what event this medal was awarded for. Overall though, how do you go about proving the authenticity of this item?
KG: Anyone who’s curious can read our online description and see all the certification it comes with. The family history is unimpeachable, and it comes with photographic evidence and an unimpeachable chain of custody. Plus we have a PSA LOA as well as an LOA from literally the man who wrote the book on Olympic medals.

KS: Out of all the high-end items you’ve had for auction in your career, where would you rank this?
KG: Top 5 in same category as the T206 jumbo WAGNER and Jackie Robinson jersey.

KS: How does Olympic memorabilia fare at auction when compared to other sports memorabilia?
KG: Very little high-end Olympic memorabilia has been auctioned compared to other sports, which are more established for collectors.  Obviously, the first Owens medal did very well.

KS: This is the second of Owens’ medals to come forth. Do you think we’ll ever see the other two come to auction?
KG: No.

KS: So there is a little bit of precedent with an item like this as Owens’ last medal sold for over $1.4 million. What do you believe this one will go for?
KG: Our estimate is $500k- $1 million.

KS: Besides Owens’ medal, what else do you have coming up for auction?
KG: Amazing vintage and modern cards, from Mantle rookies, to a Trout orange refractor to a great collection of 2003 exquisite featuring a LEBRON RPA, to amazing memorabilia even including the first sneaks ever made by Nike known as the moon shoes.

KS: If anyone is interested in bidding on this or the other items in your auction, how would they do so?
KG: Go to goldinauctions.com and register to bid. If they want to bid on something over $5000, they need to email us and get credit approved. That extra step is why we never have defaults on higher end items.

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Hobby Musings: Goldin Set to Auction Owens’ Medal

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