Hobby Musings: Onyx branches out beyond baseball cards – Onyx Authenticated has made its reputation in the hobby by providing baseball products with notable upcoming prospects and all on-card autographs.  This year, the company decided to expand its sports base by releasing football and basketball products. To find out more about about the new products, I had the chance to catch up with Onyx president Lance Fischer.

KS: Lance, Onyx has been a baseball card company throughout its history. Why make the decision to expand to football and basketball?

LF: We’ve been toying with the idea to expand into football for about 5-6 years, but logistically it was difficult because it would coincide with baseball. This was the year it made the most sense due to demand and a strong draft. Going into football made us think why not also basketball!

KS: What were the differences, if any, that you found in compiling football and basketball products compared to baseball?

LF: Football and basketball were actually much easier since the Onyx brand had been established. Logistically all three are a challenge because of COVID-19 protocols from each league, and mailing cards can be a nightmare.

KS: For football, you picked mostly incoming rookies as the checklist subjects, but you also included non-rookies like Justin Herbert and Eli Manning. Why make the decision to include those players?

LF: Since Justin was projected to be ROY, it made perfect sense to add him, especially when the opportunity presented itself. Eli is a Super Bowl legend! We plan on bringing more legends and a few top current players in future releases.

KS: What kind of reception have you seen to your football product so far?

LF: Absolutely amazing! There have been a few hiccups which will be corrected, but overall the reception couldn’t have gone any better!

KS: If there was a way you could theoretically improve the football release, what would you want to do with it?

LF: Add more legends and current stars!

KS: For your basketball product which player autographs can collectors expect to find?

LF: The list is coming along really well – Steph Curry, Giannis, Jimmy Butler, Damian Lillard and 2021 draft picks will be a huge draw… Plus, all signatures are on-card!!

KS: From a baseball standpoint, you teased Ken Griffey Jr. autographs. When will we be seeing those and what else do you have coming up for baseball this year?

LF: Getting Ken Griffey Jr on-card was very exciting! He actually loved the look and feel of the cards, especially compared to signing stickers. We did a 2020 retro Onyx look to his card since the image and design matched perfectly.  He will be available in 2021 Onyx Vintage Extended. We will also produce a few more baseball products with Onyx Premium and Onyx GEMS!

KS: With so many big names across the sports, did you have to use sticker autographs at all?

LF: No and there are no plans to ever use stickers! We’ve set a standard within our brand to never use stickers. It can be logistically difficult at times, but since the standard has been set there is no plan to deviate.

KS: Do you think you’ll be expanding to any other sports?

LF: Our hands are pretty full with baseball, football and basketball now, so nothing in the near future.

KS: What else does Onyx have coming up in 2021?

LF: Getting ready for our VIP event during the National in Chicago on Thursday, July 29th! Very limited tickets will be available soon – We’ve rented out the entire Dave and Buster’s down the road from the convention with food and drink. Bringing in some big name athlete’s, a bunch of swag to give away and VIP special boxes!! Should be an incredible time!

Check out early previews of 2021 Onyx Vintage Football and 2021 Onyx Vintage Basketball.


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