Hobby Musings: Onyx, Super Break team up means cool autographs

Hobby Musings: Onyx, Super Break team up means cool autographs – The world of trading card manufacturing can be as competitive as any other industry. As such, it’s a rarity that two companies will team to make cards for a product. However, two companies bucked that trend as Super Break’s upcoming Deluxe Edition Baseball product will be featuring some intriguing autographs of Ronald Acuna Jr., Wander Franco and Gleyber Torres. Even more intriguing is that the autographs came with a big assist from Onyx. To find out more about this collaboration, I had the chance to catch up with Super Break’s Scott Allen and Onyx’s Lance Fischer.

KS: Scott, Lance, in a competitive card industry, it’s quite frankly rare to see a collaboration like this. How did it come together and why did you decide to do it?

SA: Lance and I have been working together since 2013. He is one of my favorite guys in the hobby. This was a great way for us to receive quality signed Acuna, Torres and Franco’s for our 2020 Super Deluxe Baseball, live April 10tth. A new touch to our first baseball release of 2020. We wanted to raise awareness for both of our brands.

LF: We thought it made sense to involve Super Break on a small portion of the signings. It helped both companies gain more exposure in a competitive market.

Hobby Musings: Onyx, Super Break team up means cool autographs

KS: Were there any challenges in integrating your two brands?

LF: None at all

SA: None at all. Lance and team are a pleasure to work with. We look forward to our next project.

KS: How did you decide on the checklist for the autographs?

LF: We really left it up to Super Break as to which guys made the most sense for their product.

SA: 2020 Super Deluxe is loaded with PSA 10 and BGS 9.5/10 paper Topps rookies & Chrome Sigs for all of the hottest hitters and young sluggers. Working with Lance allowed us to have truly limited pieces of these top three young talents in addition to vintage and modern rookies.

KS: In terms of the card design, did one of you decide how they would look or was it a collaborative effort?

SA: We went with Lance and his new 2020 Onyx design as the Onyx team produces quality work.

LF: I thought Super Break did a nice twist on our design, it gives collectors a different version of the type of 2020 Onyx Vintage card that was produced.

KS: How many of these cards total will appear in the product?

LF: There were three different players that will be offered from Super Break. I’ll let Scott talk about the three 😊

SA: For Acuna, Torres and Franco there is a 1/1, LE to 5 and LE to 10 of each.

Hobby Musings: Onyx, Super Break team up means cool autographs

KS: What do you think are the benefits for each of your respective brands?

LF: We have a nice following on the Onyx Vintage brand. This really gives collectors a different take on some great cards!

SA: Awareness to the collector base. Each time we collaborate, we aim to help each other.

KS: Both this and Onyx’s Vintage product are coming out around the same time. Was there any concern from either of you in terms of having competing releases with the autographs?

LF: None from my end! The products are very different from each other, so really no competitive advantage for either company.

SA: As opposed to competition, we feel we complement each other, and the collector base wins with quality content, as well as being made aware of both products.

KS: Is this a one-time arrangement or will we see more collaborations between you two in the future?

LF: I think there may be some more opportunities down the road.

SA: We look forward to working with Lance and The Onyx team each year.

KS: Scott, aside from the prospect autographs, what are some of the other highlights collectors should be looking out for in the product?

SA: Vintage graded big stars and rookies, certified autographed memorabilia from the greatest in baseball history, The Bar Cut 1/1 Autos, op colorful Chrome signed rookies that can appreciate, 1/1’s and other limited autos to 5,10 etc. We look forward to collectors hitting some great pieces in our new 2020 Super Deluxe Baseball and check out the new 2020 Onyx products with tons of great auto content.


Hobby Musings: Onyx, Super Break team up means cool autographs
Kelsey Schroyer