Hobby Musings: QBs at the Center of Hobby Unknowns – Though it feels like I say this with the coming of each new season, I can’t believe the 2016 NFL calendar is officially about to get underway. From a collecting standpoint, that means a whole new crop of rookies to add to your collections, or in some cases, flip for a nice profit. This year though, a lot of temporary and permanent turnover at the quarterback position for several high-profile teams has added more hobby intrigue than usual.

Hobby Musings: QBs at the Center of Hobby UnknownsA top-two QB class of Jared Goff and Carson Wentz and a high running back selection of Ezekiel Elliott has helped to fuel some early collector interest in this year’s rookie class. However, it appears that fourth-round pick Dak Prescott has the early track to be the rookie darling among collectors in 2016. With Tony Romo out indefinitely, Prescott seems poised to have the chance to make his mark early in the NFL.

Some impressive preseason showings have helped to fuel early interest in Prescott’s cards. Looking at eBay sold listings, several of his autographs have been selling for at least a few hundred dollars. Given the prestige of the Cowboy’s quarterback job and the strong desire for good quarterbacks in the trading card market, Prescott could very well end up being the top rookie of this season, especially if he is able to hold onto the job all season.

Another intriguing name to watch is Patriots’ quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Better known to hobby collectors, we all thought we would have the chance to see what Garoppolo could do last season, but Tom Brady avoiding a suspension delayed that possibility. Now that Brady will be out the first four games this year, we will finally see what Garoppolo has to offer at the position. While collecting interest in him hasn’t been quite as top-heavy as Prescott, it’s still been steady.

There are still autographs of his to be had for well under $30 on eBay. Even his rookie Contenders autos are in an affordable range of about $40 ungraded to around $100 for graded versions. If Garoppolo manages to have a strong few first weeks, I have to think those prices will jump significantly based on the reactionary nature of the hobby market.

There’s also the case of Trevor Siemian in Denver. I have to admit, I had this one pegged wrong as I thought Hobby Musings: QBs at the Center of Hobby UnknownsMark Sanchez would lock that job down. His loss is Siemian’s gain and potentially the gain of collectors who have happened to hold onto his cards, especially his autographs. Perhaps due to his relatively unknown nature, Siemian doesn’t have a ton of cards and autographs in the market.

This help explains why his 2015 Panini Contenders autograph sales consistently hit the $60-$70 range. While Siemian’s talent level may be a great unknown, being the starting quarterback for a defending Super Bowl champion with a talented team returning can only help to augment one’s performance and hobby standing pretty quickly.

Beyond those three, Goff and Wentz will be worth watching this year, especially if they can manage to match the playing time and performances of Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota last season. Robert Griffin III will get the chance to resurrect his career, and hobby stock, as the top guy in Cleveland. The man who replaced him in Washington, Kirk Cousins, will also have the chance to show that he has the ability to maintain his playing level.

Any way you look at it, it should be another interesting year in the NFL, both on the field and in the hobby. As always, make your purchases wisely. You never know who will and won’t pan out in the NFL, or any league for that matter.

Kelsey’s ability to bring hobby coverage to the mainstream sports fan has been a true asset. GTS is happy to feature his thoughts on collecting in Hobby Musings. The opinions expressed are his and do not necessarily reflect those of GTS Distribution.

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