Hobby Musings: Super Break Bringing the Vintage Power

Hobby Musings: Super Break Bringing the Vintage PowerHobby Musings: Super Break Bringing the Vintage PowerSuper Break has made its bones in the hobby with its repack products. Featuring a variety of the top modern cards from across the sports landscape, the company has also been producing vintage-based products. One of the recent offerings was 2019 Vintage Baseball Graded Super Pack. With 1-2 graded buyback cards per pack, Super Break included rookies and star cards for players ranging from 1909-79. This is one that Rob and Ivan broke on Go GTS Live a few weeks ago and had some pretty good results. For more on the product and what went into its production, I had the chance to talk to Super Break’s Scott Allen. The following interview was conducted via email.

KS: Scott, it seems like Super Break has been featuring more vintage in its products lately. Why make this decision?
SA: Vintage has always been at the heart of card collecting. Vintage baseball rookies and stars have always been our favorites to build products with..

KS: Vintage is a hot item right now. From a buying standpoint, how does it compare and differ from buying more modern singles?
SA:  In modern cards, young prospect cards are quickly overvalued. yesteryears stars and Hall of Famers are not going to have a bad season nor go out of favor. It is more difficult to buy vintage collections or singles from collectors.

KS: Do you buy the cards graded or do you get them raw and submit for grading later on?
SA: We love to buy collections or groupings from the public and dealers. We do prefer to build graded products and submit cards on occasion.

KS: Which cards have proven to be the hardest to get for insertion?
SA: The top rookies of the 1900-1960s in baseball are more challenging to purchase. Collectors like to keep these in their collections.

KS: You have Super Vintage Baseball coming out. Touting 1-2 cards of vintage stars and rookies from 1909-79 per box, what are some of the highlights collectors should be looking out for?
SA: A full array of super starsCobb, Ruth, Mantle, Clemente, Williams, Koufax and the top rookie cards of the past: Ryan, Seaver, Aaron, Clemente, Schmidt and more.

KS: If you had to pick, what is the single best card a collector can find in the product?
SA: This would be based on what individual collectors like. A t-card of Cobb, Clemente or Koufax rookies is what I like!

KS: Looking ahead, do you have any other vintage products coming in the future?
SA: We forecast a Onetime Vintage Basketball in a couple of months and potentially a Onetime Vintage Rookie Multi Sport.

KS: Is there a dream card that you’d like to include in a vintage-based product in the future that you haven’t been able to include yet?
SA: Wow, great question: We have touched everything in cards so far except a Honus Wagner however that would be tough to do in a product.

Super Break provided a review box for this column. Opening it up, the card was wrapped in a black bag to prevent being able to see what it was. Inside was an SGC-graded card. I’ve had to do some research on my pulls before, but this one was next level for me. I even texted a friend of mine who owns a shop and has several decades in the hobby, and even he had never seen one of the cards before. The card was a 1910 Old Mill Cigarettes T210 issue of Ted Leidy. Featuring him in a San Antonio Broncos uniform, the card was graded an SGC 40/3. Definitely not the kind of card I was expecting to pull, but a fun one nevertheless. Any time a card can get me searching the internet and learning some new stuff about cards and players, I don’t consider that a bad thing.

There are a lot of high-end vintage cards to be had in this product. As Scott noted in the interview, you can find some big rookies like Clemente and Aaron, so there’s some good upside to be found. Having the cards be graded is an added value and a plus. It can be a little risky given that you only give one or two cards, but if you’re a vintage chaser, it can be well worth the risk.

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Hobby Musings: Super Break Bringing the Vintage Power
Kelsey Schroyer