Hobby Musings: Super Break Using Past Pieces to Make New Relic CardsSuper Break is well known for their products that feature the best of what a given category has to offer. While they’ve made their name doing it primarily in the sports world, they’ve also been known to create products with historical figures. Wanting to do something a little different, the company decided to include a monthly subscription-based product called Pieces of the Past Monthly.

Featuring 10 relic cards per box, collectors have the chance to get a variety of subjects from across the historical spectrum. In the review box provided by Super Break, some of the top hits included a Harry Houdini 1/1 relic card and a jumbo Albert Pujols relic card featuring a large piece of bat.

In addition to this, Super Break also created another historical relic product called Pieces of the Past Historical Edition. Offering a 1/1 hit in each box, this one also offers a varied relic checklist, including a card with a pin from the late 1800s in the box the company provided for review. For more on why he created both of these products, I had the chance to catch up with Super Break’s Scott Allen. The following interview was conducted via email.

Hobby Musings: Super Break Using Past Pieces to Make New Relic Cards

KS: Scott, subscription service based products are nothing new in the trading card world. That being said, Pieces of the Past Monthly is a bit different from anything before it. How did you arrive at the decision to create this product?
SA: Our goal is to expose more consumers to the Pieces of the Past products. The net effect should see more stores, breakers and distributors ordering 2020 products due to demand. It is gratifying to hear of kids learning more about our history through unique Pieces of the Past trading cards.

KS:  For collectors who may not know, what do you get in each box?
SA: Each monthly subscription box will deliver 10 Pieces of the Past asset cards or more. These include Autographed cards, 1/1 cards, limited numbered cards, Stamps on our Past, In the News relics and Pieces of the Past relic cards. In December, PiecesMonthly.com subscribers will receive an autographed 5×7 The Bar and a 1 Ounce Silver coin card or 1921-1923 Morgan Silver Dollar card in each box.

KS:  How did you decide on the checklist for the product?
SA: We focus on Presidents, historical figures, inventors, influencers and human rights activists. Our aim is to have more families and kids learn from our Pieces of the Past line, sparking conversations of how these incredible humans have shaped our world for the better. Educating our youth is the focus and the future.

KS: The relics are varied to say the least, including stamps and pieces of pennants. How did you go about acquiring them for the product?
SA: This is our 22nd year of buying and creating. We source from the top dealers and collectors in the country for real vintage assets and pride ourselves on creativity. All of our autographed collectibles have to be PSA, JSA or BGS certified.

KS: What would you say are the best hits in the product?
SA: Collectors’ feedback states that they enjoy our gold and silver coin cards, certified autographed cuts, Pieces document relic and vintage news cards especially with hand written relics.

KS: How does preparing/producing a product like this differ from your other offerings?
SA: We have more fun creating these products and delivering great value to customers more so than any of our products. The acquisition of genuine assets takes a long time as does the hand construction of our Pieces.

KS: How would one go about ordering the product?
SA: PiecesMonthly.com is the platform for our subscription base. For prior Pieces of the Past products, collectors shop at retail stores, breakers and E-tailers.

KS: You’ve also released Pieces of the Past Historical Edition. What are some of the highlights collectors can expect to find in this product?
SA: This was a fun product to create. We focused on the 1770-1970 time period and created Pieces with the following vintage assets: certified Signed Documents, precious metals, turn of the century pins, matchbook covers, pennants, postcards, war documents and receipts, Tobacco cards, Presidential documents, tickets and stamps. Each case has been delivering between 15-50 hits as opposed to the 10 per case stated. A Win for collectors.

KS: What would you say is the most unique relic piece that went into POPHE?
SA: It was fun to handle the late 1700’s newspapers and civil war signed documents. The content was fantastic to read through.

KS: If one wanted to know more about the provenance with the relic pieces on the cards, how could they go about doing so?
SA: Some of the items we have used are present on TheBarTradingCards.com and Superbreaksports.com. We are updating both sites with more information and visuals over the coming weeks.

KS: You mentioned the importance of kids and families to this hobby. What do you feel is important to this hobby as a whole?
SA: Education, family collecting and affordability!

Recent trends from the industry all but eliminate the average person from being able to buy a hobby box of cards. Boxes these days that are all $200 – $600 out of the gate are too expensive for some families to collect and enjoy the hobby.

We are trying to give the hobby what made it so successful in the 1980’s-2000s (minus all the junk wax) from a collectability standpoint for parents and kids. $39.99 a month and we over deliver content. Creative historical trading cards that can teach kids life lessons and promote positive future actions. Great time spent with your family learning, growing and motivating young minds.

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Pieces of the Past

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