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Hobby Musings: What does Tebow’s NFL return mean for his trading cards? The Jaguars stunned the sports world with the news that they are expected to sign Tim Tebow. The former Heisman-winning quarterback will be switching his position to tight end for Jacksonville. It continues a busy offseason for the Jaguars, who have already added top draft pick Trevor Lawrenceand Tebow’s former coach Urban Meyer. I had the chance to catch up with Rob Springs, Director of Football Product Development for Panini America, to see if Tebow to the Jaguars means new NFL cards for this season.

KS: With Tim Tebow back in the NFL, will we be seeing him on NFL cards in a Jaguars uniformHobby Musings: What does Tebow’s NFL return mean for his trading cards? this season?

RS: Yes, he is still a very collectible player, as we have continued to make cards (mainly autographed ones) over the past few years.

KS: How soon do you think he could be inserted into a product for everything from base cards to autographs?

RS: That part is still a little tricky. First off, we can’t do anything until he is formally signed and then we will need to get shots of him in training camp or press announcement, as we would want to show him as a Jag. I wouldn’t anticipate anything until later in the year by the time all of that happens, then adding league approvals, printing, etc.

KS: Any chance we’ll see dual-autograph cards of Tebow and Urban Meyer? 

RS: Maybe – don’t know if it would just be as a Florida CLC dual or something for the NFL.

KS: Tebow is switching to tight end, which is typically not as sought-after for cards as his old position at QB. But he is going to Jacksonville, where he’s very popular.  Overall, what do you think his return to the NFL will do to the market for his cards? 

RS: It will be interesting to see.  I mean, first off, we need to see how he will do as a TE.  He’s a great athlete, no doubt, but we really need to see what type of contribution he can make.  He’s going to be super popular within that area regardless – but that doesn’t mean it will translate across the entire hobby again.  Much different than being a QB.  But if the team is playing well and he is now similar to Taysom Hill, which has been a gadget player, then I think that could really boost his cards.

KS: Jacksonville’s already had some big additions with Trevor Lawrence and Meyer. Adding Tebow now, what do you think this does to the Jaguars’ hobby profile? 

RS: Honestly, I’m sure it will still take some time.  Even when the team was really good in the late 90’s and here-and-there since, there has never been a huge hobby following for the Jags.  But if they get there, they certainly have great logos that we can embed in our cards, which helps card values even more!  It will be interesting to watch.

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Hobby Musings: What does Tebow’s NFL return mean for his trading cards?

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