Hobby Musings: What’s inside 2022 Goodwin Champions? Goodwin Champions is one of the more eclectic products Upper Deck releases each year.  While at the National, I had the chance to catch up with Tony Sirianni to discuss the reception to this year’s product, as well as an interesting nugget about the upcoming release.

KS: Tony, 2022 Goodwin Champions has been out for a little bit now. What has the reception to it then?
Yeah, it’s been a mostly positive reception. I know people waited a long time for it, but overall, the checklist has been met with a lot of positivity. People love chasing the big, you know, the exciting chase cards like the bug relics, some of the original art cards that we put in the set. So yeah, overall, it’s been a very positive reception.

KS: Coming soon, you actually have 2023 Goodwin. What more can you tell me about that?
The number 23 synonymous with, you know, one of our favorites. Our spokesperson, Michael Jordan. I would anticipate some very special cards in the 2023 version. We are going to be bringing back the UD Game Jersey cards. The similar looking feel to the original Upper Deck Basketball Game Jersey cards. And we are actually utilizing photo match charity game jersey for Jordan in the set. So those are going to be big, big hits. And along with the standard jersey version, there’s also going to be an autograph version. So I expect a lot of positivity and a lot of hype for those as we get closer to the release of 23.

Hobby Musings: What’s inside 2022 Goodwin Champions?Hobby Musings: What’s inside 2022 Goodwin Champions? – The Hits

I also had a chance to bust a box of 2022 Goodwin.  Here’s what I pulled.

The Breakdown
20 Packs per box, 5 cards per pack
At least 2 hits per box

The Hits
Alysa Liu autograph
Splash of Color Lenticular Michael Foster
Splash of Color Maria Sharapova /199

Img 2878Goodwin once again proved to be full of fun surprises.  The different subjects in this year’s checklist are interesting. While it had some old favorites like LeBron James, it was great to see young athletes like Bryce Young and Amen Thompson. There were also some other names like MMA fighter Aspen Ladd and fencer Olga Kharlan. The base cards aren’t glossy either, which makes them great for in-person or through the mail autograph collectors.

My top hit was an on-card autograph of figure skater Alysa Liu. Some other notable signers in the product include USC QB Caleb Williams and current Texans QB C.J. Stroud.  There’s also a wide array of chase sets including the bug cards that Tony referred to. I also enjoyed the return of the playing card inserts. Boxes of this can be had online for around $100, so it can provide big hit potential while not breaking the budget.

Hobby Musings: What’s inside 2022 Goodwin Champions? – Image Gallery


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