Hobby Outposts from the North – Big Game Analysis – With apologies to all players on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday’s Super Bowl comes down to two players – Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes.

Hobby Outposts from the North - Big Game Analysis

Andy McNamara, Analyst, Sportsnet

Scribes looking for the perfect storyline had it giftwrapped – the leader of one of the greatest dynasties in football history going up against a young hotshot who is on the verge of starting his own multi-year run as champ. It’s the aging hero taking one last crack at fame, up against the upstart who already has one Lombardi and one MVP to his credit.

To get more insight, I called upon one of my media buddies up north, Andy McNamara.

McNamara has followed the two quarterbacks very closely. As one of Canada’s leading fantasy sports analysts and a member of the Sportsnet team, he has closely followed the season both superstars have had and has high anticipation for the game this Sunday. Above this, McNamara is a card collector whose passion for the hobby, which started as a youngster growing up in the Great White North, was reignited amid the Covid-19 lockdown and now sees him share his breaks through Twitter. He knows that Sunday’s contest, a battle of the ages, won’t just affect the players, nor simply those who lay down cash in Vegas, but also the community of hobbyists who have stocked up on rookie cards and hits of the two franchise athletes.

McNamara and I spoke at length about the game, the two quarterbacks and, admittedly, a little bit of fun around his beloved Cleveland Browns. You can check out the interview below via Soundcloud.

The good news for Canadians and Americans is that it looks like the game will go off without a hitch. This isn’t anything to sneeze at, when you consider just how much havoc Covid-19 has caused to sports. Earlier this week, the NWHL outright cancelled their playoffs following tournament play being derailed by the virus. Each and every leagueNFL included – has had to shift games as teams dealt with outbreak and/or contact-tracing issues.

Regardless of who you pick in the big game, enjoy the Super Bowl separately together.

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Hobby Outposts from the North – Big Game Analysis
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