Hobby Outposts From the North: Prospecting in 2019-20 Upper Deck CHL – Upper Deck has been prospecting for a few years with the CHL license and their output has been nothing short of phenomenal. Having upstarts like Alexis Lafreniere at their disposal makes the job of their scouting department a lot easier, no question, but the checklist has always been absolutely loaded. 

The most recent effort, issued for the Covid-shortened 2019-20 season, is absolutely swank. To start, collectors can find HUGE packs containing 16 cards. For extra appeal (particularly if you’re a TTM autograph hound), the base set, which contains 400 cards, have no UV coating. In an increasingly glossy hobby, this is a nice change of pace.

The checklist size may seem intimidating at first, but it’s definitely by design with 60 teams making up the CHL. The huge CL allows for each team to be reasonably represented, perfect for armchair scouts and local team collectors across the club cities. Included on the list are short-printed Star Rookies, a throwback sub brand in the early days of Upper Deck’s base brand. Of particular interest to collectors will be Jamie Drysdale’s card, who is projected to be the first D-man picked up in the upcoming Draft.

Beyond the base set lies a couple goodies in inserts. Each box gives you four Draft Ready and Scouting Report cards apiece, along with two 99-00 UD CHL Class retro cards. Draft Ready has a particularly attractive design and really pops when these full-bleed cards sit in your hands.

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