hot-in-the-shop-logoWith the NBA and NHL Playoffs in full swing, look for a renewed interest from fans and collectors in cards from teams and players in your local markets. In addition, the post-season creates plenty of storylines, collectible moments, new stars and future legends. Be sure that you are aware of what is happening with teams outside your local market so as not to miss potential sales opportunities.

Also, golf and auto racing are in full swing as well. Don’t pass up the chance of cashing-in on these niches. Stock-up on golf and racing products, if only to insure a presence for the occasional customer that might be interested. Here is a look at what will be Hot in the Shop – New Product Talk Releasing the Week of 4/20/2015.

Trading Cards & Stickers

Legends of Star  Trek Expansion Set (4/22/2015) – Delivers (36) cards in the ever-expanding series, Legends of Star Trek, including two NEW characters, Kes and Neelix. Each will be depicted on 9 cards apiece.

Three other characters — Tasha Yar, Wesley Crusher and Geordi La Forge, each of whom were depicted on 3 cards in the past, will now have 6 expansion cards apiece, bringing their individual totals to 9 cards.

2015 Leaf Ultimate Draft Football (4/22/2015) – Delivers (5) Autograph Cards in Every Box! This is the most LIMITED Leaf Football offering in history with just 199 Total Cases being produced. Look for elite 2015 NFL Prospects like: Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Amari Cooper, TJ Yeldon, Todd Gurley and MANY more!


2015 Topps UFC Knockout (4/22/2015) – Delivers (3) Autographs, (2) Autographed Relic Cards and (5) Relic Cards in Every Master Box! – Collectors will find autographs and memorabilia from the most notable UFC fighters, past and present, in ALL-NEW MUSEUM COLLECTION, FISTOGRAPHS, and more! ONE OF THE MOST VALUE DRIVEN UFC PRODUCTS!

2015 Panini Women’s World Cup Sticker Collection (4/21/2015) – Highlighting the top players from every qualifying team!


Sports Memorabilia

2015 NFL Draft Football Helmets by Riddel (4/24/2015) – Available in Speed Authentic, Deluxe Replica, and Speed Mini styles. Helmets feature silver shell, light gray facemask, gold chrome top stripe with thin gray side stripes, and a gold chrome and gray decal of the official 2015 NFL Draft logo on both sides of the helmet. Perfect for draft day parties & autographs!


Featured Figures

The Walking Dead 10: Deluxe Daryl Dixon (4/20/2015) – McFarlane Toys’ Daryl Dixon deluxe figure features the exact likeness of the actor, taken from a full 3D scan of the actor himself, Norman Reedus! The 10-inch Daryl figure is portrayed in his iconic angel wings stitched biker vest and includes removable poncho, hunting knife, and crossbow.


McFarlane Toys NBA Series 26 (4/20/2015) – Featuring four (4) DEBUT Figures! Available in sold and assorted cases*.

Collector Level MVP: Blue Uniform (50-100 produced)

CL Silver: White Uniform w/NBA Trophy (500-1000 produced)

CL Gold: Road Uniform (250-500 produced)

CL Silver: White Home Uniform (500-1000 produced)

CL Bronze: Red Uniform (1000-2000 produced)

CL Silver: Gold Uniform (500-1000 produced)


*Hobby Solid Cases include (1) Collector Level Figure per case!*
* same item code not guaranteed – i.e. the NBA 26 CL figure may be a different player from the CL list!


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