hot-in-the-shop-logoThis week, the Cleveland Cavaliers, led by superstar LeBron James, begin their quest to bring the city of Cleveland its first professional sports championship in eons. If successful, you can guarantee a surge in interest from non-collectors in LeBron’s rookie cards and memorabilia.

The match-up for the Stanley Cup Final is set. The Chicago Blackhawks will take on the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Blackhawks will be toying with a dynasty as they attempt to win their third Stanley Cup in six years.

It’s a very light release schedule this week but this is what will be Hot in the Shop – New Product Talk Releasing the Week of 6/1/2015.

Entertainment Trading Cards

2015 Topps Wacky Packages (Hobby) (6/3/2015) – 2015 Wacky Packages delivers (9) Stickers and (1) Pattern Parallel in Every Pack! Also find (6) Tattoos, (8) Silver Border Parallels and (1) Pencil Art Cards in Every Box! Collectors can also find randomly inserted Sketch Cards and Gold Parallel Cards! With all NEW parodies, NEW subsets & hilarious jokes parodying everyone’s favorite brands, Wacky Packages is perfect for anyone looking for a laugh!

2015 Topps Wacky Packages (Collector Packs) (6/3/2015) – 2015 Wacky Packages Collector Packs delivers (1) Hit Per Box (either a Sketch Card, Shaped Sketch Card, Printing Plate, NEW Panoramic Sketch, Artist Auto, & Patch Card or “Wardrobe” Card) – plus a long list of pack, box, & case hits found Exclusively in the Hobby Collector Packs! Additional Box Hits include (1) Pencil Drawing, (1)Ludlow Black Base Parallel and (1) Wacky Oversized Billboard. Collectors will also pull Collector Pack Exclusive Red Metallic Base & Subset Parallels – (1) Per Pack! Please see the complete product breakdown below for even more Collector Pack Exclusives!

2015 Cryptozoic DC Comics Super-Villains Album (6/1/2015) – 2015 DC Comics Super-Villains Trading Cards delivers (1) Sketch Card, (16) Chase Inserts, (6) Silver Variants and (1) Box Topper in Every Box! The 63-card Base Set features comic art by some of the top artists in the industry and copy written by comics veteran Adam Beechen.


UltraPro Regulation Puck Holder Square Acrylic (6/1/2015)


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