hot-in-the-shop-logoHot in the Shop – New Releases 10/19/2015 – Jam Packed!! – What a weekend! Both Kansas City and New York took commanding two-games to none leads over their respective opponents. However, don’t count Toronto or Chicago out just yet. The last time the Chicago Cubs lost two in a row, they promptly followed with a nine-game win streak. As for Toronto, they scored more runs than any team in baseball this year. There is no way the team’s bats stay silent in the next game.

This is an absolutely HUGE week for new releases that we hope has your cash registers overflowing by week’s end. Here is a complete look at what will be Hot in the Shop with a look at New Releases for the Week of 10/19/2015.

Sports Cards

2015 Topps Update Series Baseball (10/21/2015) – 2015 Topps Baseball Updates Series – The baseball season isn’t complete without Topps Baseball Update Series, recapping all the exciting action and electrifying players of MLB, and 2015 is no different. In fact, it’s bigger and better than ever, now with 400 base cards to collect! Every Box delivers (3) Rainbow Parallel Cards, (2) Stamped Buyback Cards and (27) Insert Cards!

2015 Topps Update Series Baseball JUMBO (10/21/2015) – 2015 Topps Baseball Updates Series JUMBO – Features a 400 base card set and Every Box delivers (1) Autograph and (2) Relic Cards, one of which will be a Commemorative or JUMBO Relic Card, (3) Rainbow Parallel Cards, (2) Stamped Buyback Cards and (34) Insert Cards! Every Pack contains (48) Base Cards, (1) Highlight of the Year Card and (1) Rookie Sensations Card!

2015 Leaf Ultimate Draft Baseball (10/23/2015) – 2015 Leaf Ultimate Draft Baseball delivers (7) Autographed Cards in Every Boxsigned ON-CARD! Production run has been slashed by 33% to that of other Leaf Baseball Draft sets! This release features high quality designs with double-etched foil. For the first time Ultimate Draft incorporates the collector favorite Clear insert! Includes autographs of Jameis Winston and Yoan Moncada!

2015-16 Super Break Basketball (10/21/2015) – 2015-16 Super Break Basketball delivers (1-4) “Collection Defining Hits” in Every Box! – Featuring On-Card Autographs, Rookie Patches, Dual & Triple Autographs, Limited Signed 1-of-1 Items, BGS/PSA Graded Cards, Authentic Autographed Game-Worn & Game Used Full-Size Memorabilia and MUCH more!

2015-16 Panini NBA Hoops Basketball (10/21/2015) – 2015-16 Panini NBA Hoops Basketball delivers (2)Autographed Cards and a combination of (20) Inserts/Parallels including (7) Serial #’d Cards in Every Box! 2015-16 NBA Hoops delivers the first officially licensed Rookie Cards of Karl-Anthony Town, Jahlil Okafor and other Top 2015 NBA Draft Picks.

2015 Topps Valor Football (10/21/2015) – 2015 Topps Valor Football delivers (1) Autographed Relic Card, (1) Autographed Card, (1) Jumbo Relic Card and (1) Patch Card – in Every Box! Collectors will also pull (1) Hobby Exclusive Speed Parallel Card out of Every Pack! Other Box Hits include: NEW! (2) Battle Cry Inserts and NEW! (5) Gridiron Warrior Inserts!

2015-16 Upper Deck Buybacks Hockey (10/21/2015) – 2015-16 Upper Deck Buybacks Hockey delivers (TBD) Buyback Autographed Cards and (1) Low #’d Buyback Card in Every Box! Get (1) Buyback Card in Every Pack! Look for HARD-SIGNED Young Guns Rookie Cards and Wayne Gretzky Hot Boxes!!

2015-16 O-Pee-Chee Hockey Team Sets (10/21/2015) – Each set will contain all the regular cards of your favorite team from the beautiful 2015-16 O-Pee-Chee Hockey product (approximately 15 players per team)!

2015 Topps UFC Champions (10/23/2015) – 2015 Topps UFC Champions delivers (4) Autographed Cards in Every Box and (1) Parallel in Every Pack! Returning for a second year with All-New content, 2015 UFC Champions looks to pack a bigger punch with even more value.

Entertainment Trading Cards

2015 Upper Deck – Firefly: The Verse (10/21/2015) – Firefly: The Verse Trading Cards from Upper Deck features a 180-Card Original Art Base Set! Look for Autographs Cards from the cast and artists. Find Replica Patch Cards, Press Plates, great Subsets and three (3) tiers of Parallels: Foil, Canvas & Autograph!

2015 Benchwarmer Daisy Dukez (10/23/2015) – 2015 Benchwarmer Daizy Dukez Trading Cards delivers (9-10) “HITS” and (1) Premium Base Card in Every Box – featuring On-Card Autographs, Authentic Photo-Shoot Worn Memorabilia Cards and the return of 1/1 Zipper Cards!

2015 Benchwarmer Daisy Dukez Sell Sheet

Featured Figures

McFarlane Toys – The Walking Dead Morgan Jones w/ Impaled Walker and Spike Trap Box Set – (10/19/2015) – -A blood-splattered ‘Survivor Edition’ version of Morgan Jones. Figure includes an Assault Rifle, Walking Stick, Backpack, and 22 Points of articulation. A bloodied Walker Spike Trap made of a wooden cable spool (2 3/4″ wide x 2 1/2″ high) with six removable spikes (4 5/8″ high). Fully assembled Walker Spike Trap measures approximately 4 5/8″ Wide and 4 5/8″ High. Removable female Walker Figure that can be impaled onto spikes.

Morgan Jones with Impaled Walker and Spike Trap

Supply Closet

BCW Funko POP! Figurine Case (10/19/2015) – Designed to protect POP! figures in their original box, BCW POP! Figurine Boxes will ensure the original box stays in mint condition. These boxes are made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate), an archival quality, crystal clear plastic that is semi-rigid and impact resistant. BCW POP! Figure Boxes are available in packs of six, with six packs per case.


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