Hot in the Shop – Week of July 25th, 2016 – BIG BANG THEORY!

Hot in the Shop – Week of July 18th, 2016 – BIG WEEK!Hot in the Shop – Week of July 25th, 2016 – BIG BANG THEORY! – To say collectors are getting anxious for the start of next week’s National Sports Collectors Convention (click the link for our complete guide) s a serious understatement. Even those unable to attend know they will soon be able to get their hands on several exclusive offerings once they hit eBay and other secondary market resources.

For the time being, there are plenty of new releases across multiple genres to keep collectors and dealers busy. Here is a look at several new product releases that will be Hot in the Shop for the Week of July 25th, 2016.

SPORTS CARDS – Hot in the Shop – Week of July 25th, 2016

2016 Panini Black Gold Collegiate Football Cards (7/29/2016) – 2016 Panini Black Gold Collegiate Football Cards delivers (3-4) Autograph Cards including at least (2)ON-CARD, (2-3) Memorabilia Cards, (2) Collegiate or Rated Rookie Manufactured Metal Logo Cards #’d to 199 or less and (2) Base or Parallel Card #’d to 99 in Every Box! This product is LOADED with CASE HITS!!

2016 Panini Certified Football Cards (7/27/2016) – 2016 Panini Certified Football Cards delivers (4) Autographed or Memorabilia Cards, including at least (1)Rookie Patch Autograph in Every Box! Pull unique Material Swatches in Certified Gamers, featuring photography from the specific NFL game in which the jersey was worn!

ENTERTAINMENT CARDS – Hot in the Shop – Week of July 25th, 2016

The Big Bang Theory Seasons 6 & 7 Trading Cards (7/27/2016) – The Big Bang Theory Seasons 6 & 7 Trading Cards features a 72-Card Base Set, (3) Chase Sets and randomly inserted Autograph & Wardrobe Cards, each seeded at a rate of 1:15 Packs! Also for the first time in The Big Bang Theory Trading Card series, look for rare, authentic Prop Cards, used on the set of the actual show!

Star Trek: TNG Portfolio Prints Trading Cards Series Two (7/27/2016) – Star Trek: TNG Portfolio Prints Trading Cards Series Two delivers (3) Autographed Cards in Every Box!and (1) Color Sketch Card in Every Case!

The second of a two-part series of cards featuring never-before published episode art by renowned artistJuan Ortiz. Each of the 177 episodes from Star Trek: The Next Generation will be depicted on its own card, with 89 cards in Series One, and the remaining 88 cards in Series Two.

SPORTS MEMORABILIA – Hot in the Shop – Week of July 25th, 2016

2016 Onyx Clubhouse Collection Batting Gloves Edition delivers (1) Pair of Game Used Batting Gloves Per Box!The product Checklist includes: Mike Trout, Miguel Cabrera, Josh Donaldson, Alex Rodriguez, Jose Abreau and MANY more!

FEATURED FIGURES – Hot in the Shop – Week of July 25th, 2016

Kobe Bryant Real Masterpiece Action Figures (7/27/2016) – From Enterbay. All hail the Black Mamba!Pay homage to the past and present of one of the greatest basketball players in NBA history with this NBA Collection Kobe Bryant 1:6 Scale Real Masterpiece Action Figure 2-Pack.

The 1:6 scale Real Masterpiece Kobe Bryant Action Figure features over 30 points of articulation, andstands about 12-inches tall. This 2-pack includes (2) different Kobe Bryant bodiesrookie and final season.

GAMING GALLERY – Hot in the Shop – Week of July 25th, 2016

Force of Will CCG: Vingolf 2 Valkyria Chronicles (7/29/2016) – Gallia is under attack, and the enemy is on our borders. The empire has come in search of ragnite and conquest, but they will find that only war awaits them. Join the legendary Valkyrur, descendants of an ancient race of warriors, and their friends across three generations of war. The Vingolf series of Force of Will returns! This time, Valkyria Chronicles takes the stage!

With Ruler cards, Resonators, Spells, and plenty of Magic Stones, this box set comes with everything you’ll need to join the fight!

Product Specifications:

  • Rulers: 5 Kinds
  • Resonators: 50 Kinds
  • Spells: 15 Kinds
  • Additions: 5 Kinds
  • Regalia: 5 Kinds
  • Magic Stones: 15 Kinds
  • Bonus Pack: Foil 10 Kinds


Cardfight!! Vanguard: G Clan Booster Blessing of Divas (7/29/2016) – A wealth of blessings await you in the Bermuda Triangle Clan Booster Blessing of Divas!! The clan booster featuring popular illustrations of cute mermaids takes to the stage once again this year! This time, they are dressed in their idol outifts, with the SP cards featuring a costume change to wedding dresses! Will you open your heart to the blessing of the divas?

Product Details:

  • 1 pack contains 7 random cards
  • 1 display contains 12 packs
  • 5 types of cards (GR: 1 / RRR: 5 / RR: 7 / R: 14 / C: 18)
  • SGR: 1 [1 Parallel] + SP: 13 [13 Parallel] + Wedding SP: 13 [13 Parallel] + 1 Special Reissue card [R treatment]
  • Every pack will definitely have one R, and an additional R or above!

Blessing of Divas Boosters

NOVELTIES – Hot in the Shop – Week of July 25th, 2016

2016 Upper Deck Splashlings Figures & Trading Cards  (7/29/2016) – This is a new, collectible mermaid themed toy line, based on the hit animated web series invented by the famed Pound Puppy creator,Mike Bowling. Splashlings and Upper Deck have teamed up to create fun figure packs featuring more than 100 pets, underwater gems, trading cards & other treasures for girls to collect and play with!


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