Industry Summit News: Topps Presentation NotesIndustry Summit News: Topps Presentation Notes – The first full day of the Industry Summit kicked off today. The venue of the Summit was moved from Las Vegas to Hawaii in honor of the 30th Anniversary of, what was then called, the Hawaii Trade Conference.

Original organizer and honorary host,¬†Kit Young and hobby legend Jim Beckett spoke to attendees before a series of manufacturer presentations. Topps kicked things off. Here is a run down of some of the highlights of the company’s presentation.

The company will be sponsoring a National Baseball Card Day. The date is TBD at this point. Hobby shops will be a key part of the event. The last card in the specially created set will only be available at participating retailers as a gift with purchase.

Topps returning to a print-to-order model.

Debut of a new baseball card brand called “Mint”

Bowman Chrome and Bowman Draft will be getting new product configurations. What that specifically entails remains to be seen but there will be less SKUs for Draft than in previous years.

There will be a concerted push and focus on Match Attax including “How to Play” demonstrations.

Topps Supreme Baseball is being “retired”, at least for now.

Expired redemptions area problem and one the company is looking to address. Possibility of involving hobby shops in the redemption process. A full-time staff of five people are responsible for shipping between 1,800 and 2,500 redemptions per week.

Considering shortening the ordering window for dealers.

The company is planning an ultra-premium product geared around the 65th Anniversary of producing baseball cards.

For even more news and event coverage throughout the 2016 Industry Summit be sure to visit Beckett Media and follow them on Twitter.

Industry Summit News: Topps Presentation Notes

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