Klein’s Korner: Good hobby publicity is exactly that

Klein’s Korner: Good hobby publicity is exactly that – Recently Emma Baccellieri, a nice young lady from Sports Illustrated, that many of us met at the Topps Million Card Rip Party (Now tell me doesn’t that seem like a century ago) posted an article about the breaking culture and how it is thriving during these untypical times.

Now I could tell from watching her at that event she was truly more of a journalist than the rest of us hobby media. We were fortunate she was in town to cover the Globe Life Park media opening the next day and convinced her employer that she could get two articles by being in town a day earlier.  As you can see from the article she really dug in and chatted with most of the breakers and at least one other person involved with the hobby. Full disclosure, I was there mainly because I had never been to AT&T Stadium since it opened and going there knocked that off my bucket list. Getting quoted ended up as a side benefit.

I had no idea the article had hit the internet world until Bernard Nomberg an active collector who interviewed me last November posted on his page and noted me. Well, the natural reaction to seeing good news was to post said article on various hobby newsgroups and the social media sites I use. One of my hobby friends, and we do talk almost every day between text and email, about things he’d like to see in the hobby, posted about why not mention “Base Don’t Ship” or “Block chain” and possibly one or two other aspects which bother him. Klein's Korner: Good hobby publicity is exactly that

My response was something to the effect this is not the purpose of that article, instead it’s more of a dive into why this is so popular instead of worrying about some negative specifics. We have discussed previously how some breakers don’t always send base and some do. Since there are not a ton of hits in Topps flagship, getting all the base cards makes sense for most people but some people think there are too many of base cards in their life and don’t want any part of them.

Klein's Korner: Good hobby publicity is exactly thatIn case you need proof of some people having too many base cards, this is a very recent photo of my office and every thing you see is a donation for our Adat Chaverim shows. We also have cards in a friend of mine’s garage and a storage unit. Between these three areas we actually and I have not even tried as much as on would think, to gather nearly 2 million cards for our giveaways. That’s a lot of base and low level insert cards.

Look I can get as frustrated as the next person. For proof of that check my newsgroup posts when I get aggravated about some things in the hobby but when we’re offered a win, take the win, smile and wait for a chance to bring up bad news. Let’s enjoy our hobby victories when we can. Tomorrow we can complain again.

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Klein’s Korner: Good hobby publicity is exactly that
Rich Klein