Klein’s Korner: Preparing for the National Sports Collectors Convention

Klein’s Korner: Preparing for the National Sports Collectors Convention – In a reasonably short time, the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois will be hosting the National Sports Collectors Convention. The dates of the show are July 31 through August 4th.

While most of the people who read this column will be aware of the National, there is always a chance someone has never been or even thought about attending. In simplest terms, if you can afford the time and the money to go do so. There is no other event for the sports collecting world which approaches the National.

Klein's Korner: Preparing for the National Sports Collectors Convention

The beauty of the National convention is there is literally something for everyone. If you are like me and wear several hats whilst attending, this is an opportunity to accomplish a lot in 4-5 days and give momentum for the rest of the year.

1) First up, the primary focus of my trip is to talk about COMC as that is one of my many roles. Having been in the hobby since dinosaurs roamed the earth (at least according to Big Shep on the About the Cards podcast) I have a good entre to discuss the advantages of sending cards to or purchasing cards from COMC. Frankly, I’m better walking the floor than being at the booth. To me there is nothing more fun that getting out and walking about meeting and greeting friends old and new.

2) Promoting my local DFW card shows, especially my Labor Day weekend Adat Chaverim show. Thankfully we’ve always been blessed to receive cards and prizes to satisfy our collectors who attend. Here is a preview of some of the cards which are placed into 3200 ct. boxes so we know they are for the show and some of the prizes we’ve received as well.

This is only a sample of what is in my work office, we also have items in our storage unit in addition to what the great Raymond Jones is keeping for us. We are so thankful for everything we’ve received over the years. We’ve already received some wonderful donations and hopefully can receive more goodies. The last time the National was in Chicago we believe that there were (not counting corporate representatives) over 50 known DFW collectors/dealers at that show. I expect even more DFW representation at this show. Being able to talk to so many people who can assist one locally is a major plus.

3) Have fun going through discount boxes so I can return with some neat cards. No I don’t have the coin to do anything more with showcase cards than wish they were mine. But those more affordable cards can add to some serious coin as well. At the last Chicago National I hit the cash machine three times before Friday’s payday which was my original goal. I felt much better in Cleveland when I did not have to visit the cash machine until Sunday. I always find many cool cards for my inventory and it’s always a blast to see what you find hiding in various boxes.

Klein's Korner: Preparing for the National Sports Collectors Convention

4) Visit the GTS Lounge and chat with any of our loyal readers who have enjoyed this “korner” for the past couple years. GTS will have a great booth set up near the breaking pavilion and I’ll be happy to chat with our customers and if you all have any story ideas I’m always all ears. I suspect fellow columnist Kelsey Schroyer would probably be a better fit for those topics but one never knows.

5) And this may be the most important aspect of all. As mentioned, the best part of the National is the continuation and building of all relationships. The National is a great chance to put names to faces and now that I’m even more active on Twitter, it will be nice to meet many of the people from that world as well. This photo is with someone who knows a lot more about collectible cards than I do.

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Klein’s Korner: Preparing for the National Sports Collectors Convention
Rich Klein