Konami Kicks-off 2017 Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series

Konami Kicks-off 2017 Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series – Konami’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series for 2017 is all set to start up this February. Last November, the company concluded the 2016 Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series season in Anaheim, California. It was an outstanding event with very strong attendance. Over 1,800 players participated.

Now, Konami is turning their attention to the our next event for the new 2017 season. The first event will take place in Seattle, Washington on February 18th-19th. Expectations for this event are particularly high. Company officials are anticipating almost 1,000 players to participate. The Seattle-Tacoma area has always drawn huge crowds.

Dealers, keep in mind that many more players attend just to be part of the experience. You are encouraged to start the planning process now. If you are physically located in the surrounding area, be sure your store is well prepared. You will have to be able to handle the influx of hard core gamers and casual Yu-Gi-Oh! players as they converge on the Seattle area.

Players are sure to be looking to make last minute purchases in preparation for the event. Take advantage of this opportunity.

Event Details:

  • Date: February 18th and 19th
  • Time: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM daily
  • Location: Seattle Center
  • Address: 305 Harrison Seattle, Washington 98109

Konami Kicks-off 2017 Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series