Leaf Celebrates Fletch – 6’9″ with the Afro – Sports transcend all aspects of pop culture. It’s interwoven in every aspect of our society; from music, TV and movies. While Chevy Chase’s classic comedy, Fletch, is far from being a sports movie, it does have one of the funniest sports clips in cinema history.

Chase has always been an elusive autograph. Very few, authentic examples exist on the secondary market and collectors should be extremely wary and vigilant in buying an item allegedly signed by him.

However, there is hope for collectors in the form of the upcoming release of 2015 Leaf Q. Recognizing the popularity of the comedy legend, Leaf Trading Cards has created Chevy Chase autographed cards, exclusively for the “Q” brand. Chase is pictured as seen in the “Lakers Dream” scene from the movie.

Leaf Celebrates Fletch – 6’9″ with the Afro – Card Image

Leaf Celebrates Fletch - 6'9" with the Afro

Chevy Chase as Fletch

2015 Leaf Q Trading Cards delivers (5) Premium Cards in Every Box! These will either be Autographs, Autographed Memorabilia or Babe Ruth Game Used Bat Cards (the ONLY unsigned Memorabilia Cards in the entire product!)

2015 Leaf Q makes its debut this coming April. For more details, please visit the product page.

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