Leaf Delivers ‘Cornstalk Cards’ as Part of its Holiday Bonus Packs to Distributors

Cards include actual cornstalk from the ‘Field of Dreams’ in Iowa


Leaf Delivers ‘Cornstalk Cards’ as Part of its Holiday Bonus Packs to Distributors – When it comes to delivering something unique, Leaf Trading Cards takes a backseat to no one. This month, as part of its Holiday Bonus Pack efforts to its distributors, Leaf has included authentic cornstalk trading cards made from the actual “Field of Dreams” setting in Iowa. Every card has a piece of actual cornstalk embedded right into it!

“This was just another way for us to have fun and come up with something nobody has else has ever done in the hobby,” said Leaf CEO Brian Gray.

Earlier this year, on September 14, Gray was invited to play in the “A Team of Dreams” celebrity softball game in Dyersville, Iowa, which was played at the famous ball field used in the 1989 movie Field of Dreams. Leaf was an official sponsor of the event and the day’s lineups boasted both former major leaguers and local town dignitaries including Johnny Bench, Wade Boggs, Rod Carew, Carlton Fisk, Doc Gooden, Rickey Henderson, Reggie Jackson, Paul Molitor, Jim Palmer, Jim Rice, Pete Rose, Ozzie Smith, Bruce Sutter and Frank Thomas. A special collectibles show at which the aforementioned players were all signing autographs was held following the game at the Mystique Casino in nearby Dubuque.

The cornstalk cards feature each of the 14 former major leaguers that played that day along with a pair of celebrity participants: television star Matthew Perry and country music artist Randy Owen. Many of the cards are now selling on eBay.


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Leaf Delivers ‘Cornstalk Cards’ as Part  of its Holiday Bonus Packs to Distributors

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